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Getting The Most Out of The Ezoic Platform — Part IV

Getting The Most Out of The Ezoic Platform — Part IV

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Getting the most out of the Ezoic Platform — Part IV

Yes, we’re up to the fourth installment of Ten Critical Ezoic Settings And You Won’t Believe Number Six. if you’re just showing up here, I encourage you to start by going back and reading parts 1-3:

Part 1: Ezoic Configuration Basics
Part 2: All About AMP and Mediation
Part 3: Ezoic Experiments Will Rock Your World

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This week we’ll talk about reports and let’s call this You Can’t Improve What You Can’t Measure!

Ezoic advanced reporting options

How’s Ezoic working for you? Don’t know? Then you’re not using the extensive reporting area of the Ezoic backend. While it’s tempting to just trust the AI behind the scenes that’s improving your key stats for your site, relying too much on the system might not be a great strategy because you know your target number better than Ezoic’s system does.

So let’s look at Advanced Reporting because quite frankly Earnings, Traffic and Country are all rather self-explanatory. Advanced Reporting is broken down by the following categories of data: entire account by day, week or month, Sites, Countries, Device Category, Traffic Source, Landing Page, or individual Pages.

ezoic platform reporting
figure 1

One of the most valuable advanced reports is to be able to measure the most profitable pages over a given time period. In the last month, what page on your site has generated the most revenue? The key is to look at what Ezoic calls the EPMV, or earnings per thousand visitors.

Trivia: The “M” stands for thousands. Some ads are sold on a CPM, cost per thousand views, basis too. In both cases M is the roman numeral for one thousand. And now you know!

revenue ezoic

When you can see the difference in earnings on a per page basis, you can start to identify those pages that both get a lot of traffic and generate good revenue for you. This is what’s encapsulated in the EPMV value, of course, and on my site I can see some pages are rock-stars with $10-$11 EPMV, while others stumble along at $1-$2.

To translate, this means that the former pages will yield a lot of revenue if I can push more traffic to them, while the latter are best left to languish. High EPMV pages are also those that will be the most profitable if you want to run additional advertisements to drive yet more traffic too!

You can also identify top earning pages by device and country if you’ve been suspecting that mobile users overall are less profitable to your site than desktop users, or that users from Canada aren’t clicking on ads anywhere near as much as your Brazilian visitors.

Monitoring how Ezoic is working

The robot behind the scenes at Ezoic is doing its best to make your site rock, but it’s smart for you to keep an eye on things too and make sure everything’s working properly. This is best done through the Monitoring feature, which breaks down into Objectionable Content, Platform Updates, Google Updates, Site Search Reports and Error Pages, as shown in Figure Two.

ezoic advanced reporting and monitoring
figure 2

Interestingly, of all the different areas to monitor, Ezoic’s Piper Lofrano recommends that you start with Objectionable Content. Why? Because if Google finds material on your site it doesn’t like, that can drag everything else down in an alarming manner.

The filter’s simple enough: it scans your entire site for objectionable words, both in the original article and in user comments. If any are found then Ezoic won’t show ads to ensure you don’t get in trouble with Google Adsense and other ad networks Terms of Service.

Seems trivial, but to my surprise, I had a ton of pages that were flagged because the word “porn” showed up in the comments. Time to clean them all up, I say: I want all those page views and want ads on all those pages!

This should get you started…

That’s it for this time. Keep working on improving your Ezoic configuration and make sure that the systems’ working to optimize your results and maximize your revenue!

Hopefully, these last 4 pieces were helpful to you. It was really helpful to me to learn about all the things you can actually do in Ezoic.

What questions are you left with after reading these last 4 articles?

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