EU Cookies – changes to requirements


Publishers who carry Google adverts will soon be required to comply with the EU cookie directive. The detailed requirements are here:

Essentially this EU user consent policy means you must:

1. Use commercially reasonable efforts to disclose clearly, and obtain consent to, any data collection, sharing, and usage that takes place on any site, app, email publication or other property as a consequence of your use of Google products; and

2. Use commercially reasonable efforts to ensure that an end user is provided with clear and comprehensive information about, and consents to, the storing and accessing of cookies or other information on the end user’s device where such activity occurs in connection with a product to which this policy applies.

Ezoic is aware of this requirement and is implementing the policy on all sites on the Ezoic platform. If you are serving your original as well as Ezoic layouts to any end users in the EU you should take the necessary steps to comply with the policy.

Here is some advice from the IAB to point you in the right direction!

As ever, your Ezoic representative will be happy to give you further advice and guidance.

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