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Easy Ways To Improve AdSense Ads

Easy Ways To Improve AdSense Ads

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3 Easy Ways To Improve Adsense Ads

Google Adsense is great because it’s easy to use and one of the most reliable ad networks available. If you have a website, and you want to start earning money, all you need to do is paste a few code snippets on the site and voila — AdSense ads are now showing for your users. 

The problem is that in many cases publishers lack direct expertise in how to really maximize AdSense ad earnings. In many cases, publishers have set up an account simply to make a few extra bucks and may not recognize the amount of revenue they are leaving on the table by not optimizing their site for AdSense ads; especially if a site generates a lot of organic traffic.https://blog.ezoic.com/wp-admin/edit-tags.php?taxonomy=post_tag

This is true for publishers across the board; whether they are large or small. Most sites that display AdSEnse ads are not getting the full potential out of these efforts.

Easy AdSense ad fixes

The hardest way to increase ad earnings is to increase quality traffic. This is also the best way. Unfortunately, generating large numbers of quality organic traffic can take lots of time. Fortunately, increasing traffic isn’t the only way to increase AdSense earnings. In fact, most publishers don’t realize that they’re leaving a lot of money on the table by missing these three things with their AdSense ads (read below image for details).

adsense ads improve earnings

  1. Don’t practice setting and forgetting AdSense ads

How long have you had your current ad placement? For most publishers, the ad sizes and locations never change. This is known as setting and forgetting your AdSense ads.

With the constant changes in technologies, browsing behavior, and user engagement – ad placements need to be dynamic. Changing the location, size, and density of the ads will increase revenue by removing banner blindness and providing your users with fresh versions of your site.

User behavior shifts more than anyone probably knows. The only way to be sure your ad placements are optimized to maximize user experience and revenue is to test them. Multivariate ad testing is by far the best way to do this.

  1. Ensure you’ve really optimized for mobile

According to ComScore, there are now more mobile users than desktop users. So why are publishers still focusing on desktop? In part, because that’s how they typically experience their site. Unfortunately, more and more users are not and it’s causing some major holes for most sites that want to generate greater ad earnings.

Publishers spend a lot of time and effort optimizing the layout, user experience, and ad placements for desktop, but then leave it up to a plugin or theme to take care of their mobile layout. If it’s not already, this will lead to decreases in ad performance.

To prepare yourself for the shift towards mobile, make sure your site is mobile optimized. This doesn’t just mean that it loads on a phone – it means it’s user friendly, ad placements are sized and placed correctly, and the site is fast for all users, regardless of geographic location.

  1. Doublecheck your content

Publishers have a million things on their plate: creating content, managing social media, managing the advertising and other revenue streams, etc. But one thing remains constant — content is king!

Content remains one of the top 2 ranking signals for Google’s algorithm in organic rankings. Providing high quality, original content will keep your users engaged and coming back for more – not to mention it’s positive effect on search rankings and traffic.

Using a tool like SEMRush can help you identify how your keywords have recently been affected. If you have keywords that have dropped or are on the cusp of a top 10 organic ranking, go back into your CMS and see what else could be done to spruce up those pages. Add some more images, link to helpful resources, and start sharing the updated piece on social media. A lot of times these extra efforts can drive big differences.

Though you might be tempted to try other methods of obtaining more users and increasing your traffic, creating original content should be your number one priority. Publishers that look for an easy way out can hurt themselves badly in the long run.


Make your Adsense Ads Better

If you want to improve your Adsense ads, be proactive. Test different combinations. Make sure you’re doing the same tests on mobile. And, take extra time to work on your organic terms that are on the cusp of a top 10 ranking. These small adjustments almost always pay off.

You can get started with auto-testing ad combinations here.

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