Everyone is guilty of spending hours looking at cute pictures of a kittens or a memes of cats. It’s proven: cute cats go viral. Look at Grumpy Cat for example, who has over six million Facebook likes and her own Wikipedia page!

So just how much are these furry-friends generating online? We’ve estimated the top earning cat related websites. Check ‘em out right meow!


Third Place:

Catster.com – All the information you need about cats, including litter box confessional (?).

Estimated Earnings: $188,836/year


Runner Up:

LoveMeow.com – Stories, videos, and endless cat cuteness.

Estimated Earnings: $253,049/year



First Place:

ICanHas.CheezBurger.com – I don’t know how to describe this site except as pure, purr-fect entertainment.

Estimated Earnings: $3,344,133/year!!!


So it turns out that these sites aren’t just mindless entertainment to get us through the work day, they are fully-fledged businesses making a killing off of cuteness.


**Estimates are based off of public information and our in-house tool for estimating potential earnings using the Ezoic system to help optimize ad placements and layouts.