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Adsense Policy

Adsense Policy

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Avoid an Adsense Policy violation the easy way

Have you ever gotten a Google Adsense Policy violation? When you are first implementing ads on a site, everything sounds so easy! However, you quickly realize that it can very complicated to keep your site compliant with Adsense policy. Everything is not necessarily black and white.

Publishers are not allowed to do this. They can sometimes do this, but only when they already don’t have that. Be sure that it works for this, but it will be a violation if it’s below that. Eventually, you begin to lose track of what is allowed and what is not!

Complicating the matter even more is emergence of multiple devices and apps, all of which can run ads, but operate under their own set of rules. Optimizing your revenue, while still trying to keep your users and Adsense happy is not as easy as it once was!

The headache doesn’t end at implementation either. If a violation does indeed come your way, you will need to address it and fix it on your own. Unfortunately for a lot of publishers, they do not have the time or the resources to correct it with any sort of swiftness. This can leave your account suspended, and your earnings on hold!

adsense policy

Luckily for you, Ezoic can help.

As a Google Adsense Certified Partner, all Ezoic layouts are designed to be compliant with AdSense policies. This helps protects your site against AdSense violations for improper ad placements such having an ad to close to an image, content overlapping ads, and much more. Ezoic can essentially act as a shield for your site, which can help minimize the headache of trying to stay compliant with all of the AdSense policies on your own which means you can focus more of your time on your content!

Additionally, Ezoic also provides an ‘Objectionable Content’ filter. This filter will scan your pages for inappropriate content, whether it’s your own content or comments from your visitors, and exclude ads on pages that have such content. This safeguards your site and keeps it in line with AdSense content guidelines. Keep in mind that Ezoic doesn’t change your content, so you are still responsible for staying within the program policies set forth by AdSense regarding the site’s content. However, the objectionable content filter is an easy way to see which pages have inappropriate content so that you can either exclude the page from showing ads or clean it up to keep it compliant.

Ezoic can really save publishers a lot of time and stress in making sure that their sites will not be slapped with an Adsense Policy violation! To learn more, head over to www.ezoic.com!

For more info on AdSense program policies, check out this page: https://support.google.com/adsense/answer/48182?hl=en


Shelby Kang is the producer and co-host of, The Publisher Lab, a popular digital publishing industry podcast. She serves as a key member of the Ezoic marketing team and is the event coordinator for Pubtelligence, a series of large digital publishing events hosted at Google offices. She holds a marketing degree from SDSU and is an avid rock climber.