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<strong>20 Video Ideas That Have Already Earned a Ton of Revenue on Humix</strong>

20 Video Ideas That Have Already Earned a Ton of Revenue on Humix

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With the recent launch of Humix, a product currently only available to Ezoic users, countless publishers have seen their videos explode with views and revenue, getting hundreds of thousands (or millions!) of views. We expect this platform to see steady growth over the next few months, and you can jump in on the ground floor as the video platform continues to grow tremendously.

You may not have uploaded a video to Humix yet (remember, you can plug in your text articles into the recently launched article-to-video tool Flickify to make high-quality video versions of your text articles); you may not even think your videos would perform well on the platform. If that’s the case, here are 20 video ideas that have already worked on Humix.

1. Crossword Puzzles

One of the most-viewed videos on the entire Humix platform is a video on crossword analysis, giving users tips for board games and puzzles. With over 10 million views and counting, you may be surprised to find what unassuming videos can earn extraordinary revenue.

2. Doc Translator

Another massively popular video on Humix is a guide to translating documents into different languages. The video features no on-camera recording of anyone, or even a voiceover at all. It’s simply a short, 3 minute video explaining how an online tool works, with some nice relaxing music in the background. This is the exact kind of video you can make with Flickify, a great article-to-video tool!

3. Grammar Advice

This 70 second video on grammar advice has gotten millions of views. A simple, fun grammar exercise that tests users’ grammar skills, this is another video you can easily make using the Flickify article-to-video tool. No voiceover, no on-screen recording, just good content and good music to the tune of 3+ million views.

4. Job Interview Tips

Career and interview advice has always performed well online due to it being perpetually in-demand for countless job seekers. It’s no different on Humix, where this short and simply job advice video has combined for over a million views in the last couple weeks already.

5. Tech Tips

The ever-popular tech niche has found massive attention within Humix, from simple walkthrough guides on website tools to computer chip analysis. If you create any kind of content on technology, your content will find a great home in Humix.

6. Home Inspection Advice

Create content about home improvement or home design? These videos are already working on Humix. They’re a natural fit for any audience in the home design space who want more visual images and videos showing this kind of home improvement knowledge firsthand.

7. Career Advice

Another hugely popular form of video is career advice. Another natural fit for content, career advice can take many forms, and videos by trusted experts appear to do exceptionally well. Whether it’s your own career advice or a collection of important pieces of advice from others, career advice videos are already performing particularly well on Humix.

8. Starbucks Rewards Hacks

Just to show you to how well niche videos can perform on this video platform, this short video on Starbucks rewards hacks has nearly 1,000,000 views in just a few months (who doesn’t want to know how to maximize their source of discounted coffee!). It’s short, simple, and full of real-life hacks about a globally popular reward program. 

9. Coupon Codes

A massively popular industry, we’re already seeing coupon code videos start to find a wider audience through Humix. This video has received nearly a million views in the past couple months: it’s less than 3 minutes long, features a simple voiceover, and has no on-screen footage of the publisher. It’s exactly the kind of video you can easily make through the Flickify tool.

10. Funny Animal Videos

The internet wouldn’t be complete without silly animal videos of cats and dogs misbehaving in cute, hilarious ways. Humix is no different, and even a straightforward one minute video about a funny dog playing around has nearly a million views

11. Advice For Video Gamers

Within niches are more sub-niches, and Humix highlights how even granular videos giving tips to video gamers about a certain video game can perform really well on the platform. No matter how niche or specific your content might be, we’re already seeing a wealth of videos on very specific niches perform very well.

12. Tech Troubleshooting

More tech niches continue to perform well on Humix. This basic guide on troubleshooting errors for a smart TV has gained hundreds of thousands of views, and is continuing to perform well. Do you create content about tech advice and tips? Put videos on Humix, as they’re already gaining a massive audience on the platform.

13. Listicle 

Listicles are the lifeblood behind countless popular sites, partly because they’re just inherently easy for audiences to consume. The same pattern is happening on Humix, where short lists on nearly every topic (like this video listing out the best sites to learn English) are gaining significant amounts of views.

14. Pop Culture Discussion

The most popular content creators are usually the ones that can make a home in a massively popular space, where discourse and conversation happen naturally every day. This is never more true than in the popular culture space, where new events and issues occur every day. If you routinely comment on television, movies, celebrities, music, or gossip, there are plenty of Humix videos like this one that are already performing well for publishers.

15. How-To Guides on Glazing

Glazing is a very specific niche of a very specific niche in home improvement, yet this video is still getting hundreds of thousands of views. Notice the simplicity of the video: it’s essentially an expert publisher speaking in front of his computer/smartphone, breaking down the important facts about glazing. Nothing fancy, but it’s performing extremely well on the platform. 


These kinds of videos lend themselves extremely well to publishers who are just starting out creating video content. You can use the article-to-video tool Flickify to simply paste in your text content (quotes, for example), and the tool will make a video similar to this one that showcases your text in a snappy, high-quality way. 

17. Psychology Advice

If you’re getting traction on your site with text articles, you’ll probably get some great traction when you use video content, too. This site simply created a video that aligns with their existing site content, pairing a great video with a popular article they’d written. 

18. Cooking Recipes

Some niches lend themselves better to video than others, and it’s easy to see why cooking is one of those niches. People “eat first with their eyes,” as the saying goes, and a high-definition video of delicious food is a must-have for creators in the cooking space. This simple, homemade video breaking down some popular family recipes continues to perform well on Humix.

19. Relationship Advice

Another massively popular niche, relationships/dating/romance has always had a large online audience. We’ve seen several Humix videos perform very well in this space, and it really lends itself well to experts creating short, simple videos their audience can quickly digest. 

20. Financial Advice

We’ve seen countless financial videos perform well in Humix, from dozens of niches. This is a good example, a simple 2 minute video explaining how compound interest works has gotten hundreds of thousands of views  —  no on-camera recording, just a simple voiceover with B-roll and basic charts. 

In Conclusion

One of the more interesting insights we at Ezoic are noticing about Humix is that shorter videos (~5 minutes) tend to perform very well. A lot of top-performing videos are commonly simple instructional guides with basic voiceovers and graphics to show a point (all of which can be done with a literal push of a button using the brand new article-to-video tool Flickify!).

You don’t need to build a massive following to get views on Humix, nor do you need to be great on-camera and speak well in public. Actually, you don’t need any of these traits for your videos to perform well on Humix. 

If you’re ready to tap into video content revenue, we strongly encourage you to pair Humix with Flickify, turning your text articles into high-quality videos on Flickify, then uploading them onto Humix.

We hope this helps. Good luck creating great videos!

Anthony Moore is a writer, speaker, and coach. He's helped hundreds of entrepreneurs create successful businesses, and has gained over 7 million views for his work on entrepreneurship, personal growth, and productivity.

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