The Universal Player

Empower your content and make more revenue

Universal Player

Intelligent and higher earning

The Universal Player serves video, floating, in-stream, and outstream video unlike any other player available across the Humix Network


The Basics

The Universal Player intelligently serves floating video, instream, and outstream video depending on the users position on the page maximizing earnings and content visibility.

The Player


In-stream video ads earn the most due to their engaging format, targeted reach, and ability to captivate audiences, leading to higher viewer retention and more effective advertising. Universal play prioritizes these.

In-stream Ad


Outstream ads are video advertisements that appear outside of traditional video streams, such as in-between paragraphs of text, or tracking down the page offering wide visibility and placement flexibility.

Outstream Ad

Floating Video

An auto-playing ad that moves with user scrolling, appearing between webpage paragraphs. It provides advertisers better visibility and publishers more monetization opportunities. Can display content, in-stream, and outstream.

Floating Video

Player Positioning

Highest Earnings $$$

Using recommended settings allows the Universal Player to be placed in the most optimal position to generate the highest amount of revenue while not harming UX. Instream and outsteam ads track further on the page as the user scrolls, earning more $$$.

Highest earning position

Lower Earnings $$

Manually positioning the Universal Player in the middle of your page generates less revenue because there is less distance for the user to scroll before hitting the bottom of the page, earning less $$.

Middle of Page

Don't Do This

Manually placing the Universal Player at the bottom of the page provides little to no revenue. Your user can only view in-stream if they make it to the bottom of the page before bouncing.

Bad Positioning

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