Level 3+

Publisher Success Is Our Commitment

Dedicated Success Managers are more than just a contact; they're your advocate, strategist, and business partner


Real people dedicated to you

Onboarding Assistance

Streamlining both first-time and additional site launches

1-to-1 Consulting

Maximize outcomes with sessions focused solely on your journey

Dedicated Experts

Rely on experts who prioritize your goals, ensuring unparalleled results

Ad Sales Team

Transforming ad spaces into revenue goldmines with targeted strategies

Premium Eligible

Direct deals that no one else can provide via regular programmatic advertising

Event Invites

Webinars and in-person events exclusive to Ezoic publishers

The Help Center The one-stop-shop for resources and support from the Ezoic team

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Connect with Ezoic staff and publishers to ask questions, learn and troubleshoot
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Identify and resolve technical issues with real-time feedback
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Knowledge Base

Access the wealth of information about our products and features

Ongoing Education continue to stay ahead of the curve with the diverse educational series options

  • blogs


    Stay up to date on industry trends and insights by checking out the Ezoic content library

  • video tutorials

    Video Tutorials

    Access how-to videos to ensure site optimizations, all within the Courses section of your dashboard

  • webinars


    Attend weekly webinars hosted by Ezoic's global team and post questions in real-time

The VIP Experience

When accounts hit revenue and traffic milestones, publishers may qualify for the VIP program. Access a dedicated team of industry experts for your success.

The answers to your Frequently asked questions

  • I qualify for managed services but can I do most of the setup myself?

    Yes, publishers can take control of their own setups. But always remember, Ezoic's teams are trained to optimize sites from the getgo.
  • I just started with Ezoic. Do I already have a Success Manager?

    If a publisher qualifies for Managed Services when first starting with Ezoic, they will work directly with an Onboarding Specialist to get up and running. After the initial setup is complete, the Onboarding Specialist will introduce publishers to their Success Manager for long-term success!
  • How can I reach my Success Manager?

    To get in touch, either send an email directly, or visit the Levels or Help Center dashboards to schedule a meeting for a future date.
  • What is Ezoic Premium?

    Ezoic Premium is an invite-only program that provides participating publishers with improved monetization, advanced features, API access, more timely reporting, and expert advice. For more information, please reach out to your Success Manager.
  • Do I still get access to support if I choose the Automatic setup?

    Yes, publishers still get access to support via the Community and the Help Center if the Automatic option is chosen. As always, Publisher Success Managers can also help with anything needed as well!