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Frequently asked questions

  • Humix is a comprehensive video platform that excels in pairing website content with captivating videos. It offers an all-encompassing solution for video hosting, sharing, and embedding network videos. For website owners, we identify and display videos relevant to page content, which introduces a new revenue stream and increases visitor time on site. If you create videos, we can monetize them on your site and across the Humix network. As a video creator, you'll earn ad revenue and grow your audience by connecting with interested viewers. Whether you’re a website publisher or video creator, utilizing Humix significantly enhances video content: it boosts SEO performance, increases video views, optimizes video placement on webpages, and maximizes ad revenue.
  • Humix has so many powerful features, let’s break down each section:

    Studio is your hub for managing your video library, curating playlists, and optimizing video details like keywords and descriptions to boost your SEO performance. Additionally, you'll discover each video's embed code and the capability to associate videos with specific URLs.

    Site section provides various implementation options for seamlessly integrating videos into your website, including the Humix WordPress plugin, Embed code generation, and Auto Insert.

    Monetization allows you to customize your ad settings and activate supplementary ad formats.

    Channel is your go-to destination for various actions, including opting in to share and display content, excluding specific network videos, authorizing and integrating your YouTube channel, updating your channel information, overseeing comments, and accessing your Humix channel page.
  • Humix was created to offer publishers a user-friendly video product that makes it easier for them to grow their websites and expand their video content for visitors, with minimal effort. Simultaneously, Humix has been designed to give video creators a way to scale their audience by connecting with websites that have relevant viewers.

    With Humix, you can increase your earnings and enhance your site's long-term growth in multiple ways. When you share your videos on the network, your own content gains SEO strength and attracts more traffic, resulting in higher video revenue. Additionally, publishers who feature network videos enrich their site's quality and appeal, offering readers more engaging content, which ultimately boosts revenue and expands the audience.
    Own videos that are uploaded and embedded on your site
    • Build audiences faster
    • Auto-indexed to appear in video search results
    • Earn video revenue (no split)
    Make your videos available for sharing on other sites within the network
    • Increase SEO by appearing in video search results
    • New stream of traffic that visits shared content and Humix channel
    • Earn additional video revenue (50/50 split)
    Serve videos from the network on your site
    • Prolongs visitor engagement on your pages
    • Makes your website more helpful with relevant videos
    • Earn additional video revenue (50/50 split)
    Access advanced monetization features with the option to customize video ads
    • Automatically activate cutting-edge ad solutions designed to increase watch time and maximize revenue
    • Customize settings such as ad length, ad skipping, & auto-play functionalities
  • If you don't make your own videos, you can tap into this popular new revenue source by showing Humix network videos that match your content. In the Humix dashboard's "Site" section, pick from 3 ways to insert these videos onto your pages. You can also decide which video categories to use and how these network videos should appear on your pages.
  • Publishers with an Ezoic account can seamlessly access Humix from their dashboard by simply clicking the Humix icon in the top navigation bar. Once you're on the Humix dashboard, you can begin uploading your videos or navigate to the "Site" section to enable network sharing and displaying.
  • In the Channel section, you can turn on "Grow: Share Videos" to select the videos you'd like to share with the global video network. This enables Humix to serve your videos on websites with relevant content and allows other publishers to feature them on their sites, leading to a fresh flow of traffic, revenue from your shared videos, and audience growth.
  • No. You have full control over which videos are shared with the video network. Just turn on "Grow: Share Videos," and then use the "Share on Humix" toggle on each video card to pick which videos get displayed on the network.
  • By sharing, you earn a 50/50 split revenue with the publisher who is displaying your video on the site. By displaying, you earn a 50/50 split revenue with the publisher who shared their video. Consider both! You can share and display to maximize your overall video earnings.
    • Create videos that are relevant to your content
    • Make sure you have a searchable title & description that reflects what the video content is about
    • Include keywords and categories to help with SEO
    • Enable autoplay, floating at the top of the page (videos cannot float until the user has viewed the video content on the page)
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