Ezoic Freelancer Contract Work

Ezoic does not hire any freelancers or contract workers - those claiming to offer work are a scam / fraud.

If you have been contacted by someone claiming to work for Ezoic, there are a few rules to follow:

There has been a large number of reports of scams occurring using freelancer and other contract job sites. They will also reach out to people on social media, WhatsApp, etc. They will use fake certificates and badges to try to verify their identity. Ezoic does not have badges, nor do we use any phone number other than the ones listed on our website. It's worth repeating that Ezoic does not hire any freelancer or contract worker via these platforms - those claiming to offer work are a scam. We are actively working with U.S. and international agencies to catch the perpetrators. Together you can protect yourself, prevent others from being scammed, and bring them to justice.

When you come across anyone claiming to be from Ezoic that is not, please report them to whatever platforms or tools they are using. Freelancer, WhatsApp, Telegram, Gmail, all have tools to report fraud. You should also report them to your local law enforcement. Here are some links for you:


Gmail / Google



email [email protected] - include as many details as possible including taking a screenshot of your chat and adding it as an email attachment.

U.S. Authorities