Video Highlight Reel

Ring in the new year by creating, sharing, and collaborating with your fellow publishers with Humix and Flickify. Ezoic’s Video Highlight Reel gives publishers the opportunity to share their videos with each other to increase revenue and views across the Humix network with a chance to be featured on


Ultralight Backpacking Basics

Not Financial Times

Introduction to Stock Terminology

Pets Bunch

Amazing Fun Facts About Cats

World English Blog

Why is the Second Month Called February?

Maritime Page

How Fast Is A Knot?

Alexus Renee

What Is An NFT & Why You Must Have Them

Here are our finalists for the Video Highlight Reel promotion! Vote below on your favorite Flickify video. The publisher with the most votes will get the Video Highlight Reel crown and a feature all across Ezoic channels.

If you’re thinking about developing a new video strategy, look no further than Flickify for your video creation and Humix for your advanced distribution and channel boosting that will help drive traffic to your videos and website – All available exclusively for Ezoic publishers.

Sharing is Earning

Video Highlight Reel is your chance to have your website and video highlighted on Ezoic. For this challenge, use the power of Humix and Flickify to show your video expertise. Your video could be featured and seen by hundreds of thousands of people!

Participants should create a video using Flickify and then create a video embed using the Ezoic Chrome extension on that landing page.

As long as our form is open, submissions will still be live. We’ll continue to gather entries for a predetermined amount of time.

Submit your video in 3 steps!

Want to get featured on Ezoic?
Enter the Humix URL for a video you made with Flickify!

  • Create a video using Flickify from a top landing page
  • Upload to Humix
  • Add video to your landing page


Must have ‘Engage: Display Network Videos’ and ‘Grow: Share Videos’ features enabled in Humix

Video must be created using Flickify. (Can be auto-generated or customized)

Video must be added to the Humix network from Flickify

Helpful resources:

Getting Started with Humix Video
Creating Humix Video Embeds