Summer Bonanza

Join Ezoic before July 29 to Get This Offer!

Ezoic is celebrating summer by providing publishers with an exclusive offer! New websites that join Ezoic before July 29 earn double the revenue every day until August 1.

How Does it Work?

New websites that join Ezoic and turn on traffic before July 29 are eligible for this offer. The website must remain live with 75% of traffic running through Ezoic for at least 60 days to benefit. If these two stipulations are met, then Ezoic will double that publisher’s earnings from July 29-August 1. By joining Ezoic now, you’ll not only benefit on this exclusive offer, but you’ll have access to:

  • AI technology that helps your site earn the highest revenue possible
  • Network of new ad partners
  • Transparent growth and 24/7 support
  • Dedicated account representatives when you reach new levels
  • A community of over 10,000 publishers sharing knowledge and resources
  • Exclusive access to our events, giveaways, and more