Flexible Setup Options

Getting started with Ezoic is easier than ever before. Choose the option that works best for your website and your goals.

  • Easy, Frictionless Setup
  • Flexible Options Fit Any CMS or Framework
  • Standard JS, Cloud, and 3rd-Party Integration
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Tailor Your Approach

Explore two distinct setup options tailored to fit your site's specific needs and goals. Choose the option that best aligns with your preferences for functionality and customization.

Cloud Setup

Server-side solution

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Client-side solution

Ezoic acts as a proxy, serving an optimized version of your site to your users

  • Fastest ad delivery on the web

  • Global CDN network → caching & site speed optimizations

  • DDOS, bot protection, and advanced site security
<head> script makes the ad calls and serves them however you define and enable your ad locations
  • Most flexible option

  • Works on all sites and frameworks

  • Full customization of your site

What Makes Us Different

Regardless of how you choose to set up Ezoic,
you'll benefit from the same powerful features and optimizations that set us apart.

Unique Ad Demand

Access premiere ad demand through Ezoic's network of elite ad partners, header bidders, and exclusive brand campaigns.

Proven to Improve UX, Ad Quality, & SEO

Prioritize user experience with high-quality, brand-safe ads on fast loading pages. Higher audience engagement equals higher advertising revenue.

The Leading Ad Optimizations AI

Benefit from the most advanced AI for building ad space value available for sale to advertisers. Drive up long-term RPMs using proprietary auction flooring algorithms, high-impact ad units, and dynamic inventory management.

A Modern Monetization Partner

Partner with our team of strategists and engineers, dedicated to optimizing the value of your content at every opportunity.

Discover the best of Ezoic with a free trial.

  • Advanced analytics platform and API
  • Video solutions to drive unique revenue and traffic streams
  • SEO and content recommendations

Increase Revenue, Grow Traffic, & Create More

No matter your objectives, Ezoic is dedicated to your long-term success

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Global employees

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