Level 1 & 2 The Growing Experience

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With our products and resources readily available, you can take control and start enhancing your publishing career


Access to Premium Ad Demand Through Google Ad Manager

Review our Google Approval Checklist to get started

Rapid Setup with Ezoic's Automated Technology

The Ezoic team will take care of the onboarding process to help make your lives easier


The Help Center The one-stop-shop for resources and support from the Ezoic team

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Connect with Ezoic staff and publishers to ask questions, learn and troubleshoot
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Identify and resolve technical issues with real-time feedback
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Knowledge Base

Access the wealth of information about our products and features

Ongoing Education continue to stay ahead of the curve with the diverse educational series options

  • blogs


    Stay up to date on industry trends and insights by checking out the Ezoic content library

  • video tutorials

    Video Tutorials

    Access how-to videos to ensure site optimizations, all within the Courses section of your dashboard

  • webinars


    Attend weekly webinars hosted by Ezoic's global team and post questions in real-time

Managed Services

When accounts hit revenue and traffic milestones, publishers qualify for the managed service experience. This means 1:1 account management, additional services, and more.

The answers to your Frequently asked questions

  • Does the self-serve program have any pageview requirements?

    No, the self-serve program does not have pageview requirements.
  • How can I access support on the self-serve program?

    Help and support from the Ezoic team is available via the Community and the Help Center. We have a team of experts ready to help you with any questions you may have.
  • Do I get access to the same features as sites with more pageviews?

    Yes! Every site on Ezoic has access to the same suite of tools, including EzoicAds, Leap, NicheIQ and Humix. Visit our products and integrations to learn more about each tool.