Why Publishers & Independent Site Owners Use Ezoic

Faster Optimization,

Better Tools & Resources

A typical publisher spends 50% of their time managing ads and website infrastructure. This includes trying out new ad networks, testing emerging technologies, experimenting with ad placements, improving “technical” SEO, juggling ad servers, and managing policy and regulatory compliance.

Ezoic streamlines all of these tasks by automating web optimization practices that include: accessing premium ad networks, optimizing site speed, running advanced ad ops experiments, managing ads.txt and GDPR compliance, and much more.

Ezoic puts advanced analytics and dozens of easy-to-use apps right in your hands. Publishers get expert-level resources and tools delivered in a way that they can manage and control. This results in large increases in website revenue and overall traffic.

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Site Speed

Most sites using Ezoic see an improvement in site speed. Here’s why: Ezoic is an official partner of Cloudflare, the largest CDN and security service in the world.   When using Ezoic, you can enable the Cloudflare CDN – for free – to speed up your website.

In addition, Ezoic allows publishers to automatically implement best website speed practices simply flipping a switch. Ezoic does the work and you’re in control.

Ezoic also includes detailed analytics on the impact of website speed on things like revenue and visitor behavior. Publishers can see which pages and types of visitors are potentially affected most.

Ezoic also includes apps designed to specifically help with website speed inside of of our free app store. 

Defer render-blocking CSS, serve images in next-gen formats, and more all with the click of a button.


Increase Traffic & Improve SEO

While Ezoic is not an SEO company, we have objectively observed a measurable improvement in search rankings for websites leveraging Ezoic’s platform.

This correlation is directly connected to the improvements in core visitor experience metrics like pageviews per visit and bounce rate that Ezoic is always optimizing automatically.

On average, Ezoic publishers see higher traffic, improved search rankings, and higher revenue within the first 3 months of using Ezoic. This has been studied in multiple case studies.


Common Questions

Will Ezoic outperform my existing ad partners or ad stack?

Statistically speaking, the answer is an overwhelming YES.

You can learn more about Ad Tester here.

Ezoic’s Ad Tester outperforms traditional ad stacks and AdSense setups by a scientifically validated +50% on average. In 2019, we did a study of 30 publishers that used Ezoic for one year and found that the median uplift in total ad revenue per visit was more than double the year before. With mediation in place, Ezoic will always outperform a traditional AdSense setup.

If you’re currently outsourcing existing ad optimization efforts, publishers that configure Ezoic properly see an average increase of 15-25%. This includes outperforming ad partners that market themselves as “exclusive” niche providers.

Ezoic is for everyone and puts the power and data to optimize your ad revenue easily in your hands without having it off or leaving money on the table by managing it all yourself.

Can I still keep my own direct ad deals?

Yes!  And, you’re encouraged to do so.

For clarity, we define a “direct ad deal” as a special arrangement you have with a single advertiser.  Ad networks can also be kept and also included in Mediation.

Ezoic has two different solutions for you:

1. Direct Ad Deals

You are able to enter in the details of any direct ad deal that you may have into the Ezoic system.  This includes fixed CPM deals, guaranteed delivery and much more.  Read more about it on our Direct Ads page.

2. DFP Integration / Google Ad Manager Integration

Ezoic can integrate seamlessly with your existing DFP ad server (Google Ad Manager).  Using this option, Ezoic will serve all ads through your own DFP account which means you can continue to traffic any direct ad deals the same way you always have.  Read more about it on our DFP Integration page.


Can I keep my existing Ad Networks?


We know that you’ve worked hard setting up various ad networks and finding out which ones work best for your site – that’s why we have a feature called Mediation. Using mediation, you can easily link up your current ad networks, ad exchanges, native ads and header bidding partners to the Ezoic platform.  Your mediation ad partners will then compete with the over 1,500 ad partners that Ezoic works with – driving up the cpms on your inventory.

You can read more about Mediation here.

How much does Ezoic cost?
Ezoic is completely free to try for 30 days.

After 30 days, we pay for our service by either placing a small ad on the bottom of our site or, you can opt for a monthly subscription.  You can view more details on our Pricing Page

Start Using Ezoic Today

You can start by only using Ezoic on a small portion of traffic to see just how well Ezoic performs vs. the way things are now.