Wordsmith: Next-Gen SEO Tool For Creating Helpful Content


Sarah Clow

Sarah Clow

Wordsmith: Next-Gen SEO Tool For Creating Helpful Content
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In the past 18 months, large language models (LLMs), such as OpenAI, ChatGPT, Antropci, Claude2, Google Gemini, and more, have shaken the online landscape and altered how digital publishers approach content creation. Generative AI and LLMS have essentially reduced the cost of content production to zero. However, there are many cases where publishers use GenAI to produce content and end up unhappy with the result.

Data Scientist Gerald Burnand has 15+ years of experience building search engines and a vast understanding of machine learning and computer linguistics. In a recent webinar, Gerald shared his wealth of knowledge on the online publishing ecosystem and introduced an AI tool designed specifically for content creators: Wordsmith.

Wordsmith: GenAI for Content Publishers

Some of the many challenges that publishers face when leveraging one of the many LLMs listed above to create blog content include:

  • Lack of control over the narrative
  • Difficult to maintain the same tone as the rest of their content
  • Not SEO-friendly
  • Repetitions and platitudes
  • More...

With these challenges in mind, Wordsmith was designed to help content publishers create helpful, readable, SEO-friendly content.

Wordsmith is a dynamic content generation tool that uses a structured approach to content creation, starting with an article outline. Unlike traditional content generation methods that produce entire articles at once, Wordsmith employs progressive content generation. This means that it generates each section of the article individually, allowing for interactive editing and ensuring coherence throughout the content.

Screen Shot 2024-04-04 at 1.37.26 PM.png

1) Gather Raw Materials

The process begins with gathering raw material, including topics, titles, and outlines. Users can leverage various sources, including keyword search engines or Ezoic's own tool within NicheIQ, Topics, which recommends new evergreen topics tailored to each website's niche every week.

unnamed (32).png

You can create your own article outline using an LLM or by conducting your own brainstorming session. Your article outline should consist of:

  1. Article Topic
  2. SEO Keywords
  3. Article Title

If you know your topic and keywords, enter them into ChatGPT or any similar LLM and ask for an article outline including the topic and keywords you have selected for a niche website, as shown in the example prompt below.

Screen Shot 2024-04-04 at 2.03.57 PM.png

2) Import Article Outline

Once the raw material is collected, users import the outline into Wordsmith, where the magic begins. Wordsmith parses the outline and creates a section for each heading, providing users with a structured framework to work within.

Screen Shot 2024-04-04 at 2.08.09 PM.png

3) Expand Each Section

Users can then review the content for each section, expanding on the initial outline. Throughout the process, Wordsmith remains SEO-aware, allowing users to incorporate keywords seamlessly into the content.

unnamed (35).png

Click through each H2 section and make edits, delete sections, or leave as is if the outcome is satisfactory. Wordsmith will also show how many keywords are included in each section and allow users to make auto-adjustments based on parameters to include more or fewer keywords within the content.

4) Publish Article

The final step to creating helpful content with Wordsmith is adding art or media and hitting publish!

Users can track ROI of Wordsmith-generated articles within the Wordsmith dashboard. The "ROI" tab in Wordsmith shows users a snapshot view of traffic and revenue for articles generated by Wordsmith.

Features That Set Wordsmith Apart

Gerald emphasized several features that make Wordsmith stand out in a crowded market of writing tools. He explained how Wordsmith is designed to adapt to the user's writing style, ensuring that the suggestions provided are personalized and contextually relevant. This level of customization is what users have come to appreciate, as it empowers them to maintain their unique voice while elevating their writing.

During the webinar, a question about Wordsmith's functionality in languages other than English arose, and Gerald shed light on the tool's multilingual capabilities. He reassured that the team behind Wordsmith is dedicated to inclusivity and is continually working to expand the tool's language support. This commitment to breaking language barriers is what makes Wordsmith a truly global writing assistant.


Our exploration of Wordsmith with Gerald was an eye-opening experience that underscored the transformative power of technology in the domain of language. The main takeaway from our discussion is that tools like Wordsmith are not just about correcting words; they're about enriching human expression and fostering better understanding among people.

If you're an Ezoic publisher, you can watch the full recording of Geralds webinar here.

Sarah Clow

Written By: Sarah Clow

Sarah is an experienced publishing industry leader responsible for organizing independent, publisher-only events; including some of the largest ever held at Google. Sarah is Ezoic's Director of Marketing.

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