How To Refresh Existing Content To Stay Relevant with Additive Ai


Alyssa Mitzel

Alyssa Mitzel

How To Refresh Existing Content To Stay Relevant with Additive Ai
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Creators are constantly striving to produce captivating content that will remain relevant for the long haul, otherwise known as evergreen content. However, in a world of constantly evolving information, it's important that publishers are consistently refreshing their content and storytelling to remain relevant and compelling. This can be time-consuming, but tools like Additive AI have proven to be a go-to among Ezoic publishers, offering a seamless approach to enhancing existing content and refining the content creation process.

A recent webinar hosted by Olivia Regalia, Publisher Success Manager at Ezoic, explores Additive AI's capabilities and its potential to redefine content enhancement strategies for publishers.

What is Additive AI?

At a glance: Additive AI is a revolutionary tool designed to augment existing content, automatically serve updates from servers, and track changes on web pages through an intuitive dashboard.

Additive AI is not just another tool in the SEO toolbox; it's a distinct solution with specific use cases that differentiate it from other content generation tools like Wordsmith and Writio.


Access Additive AI

The Content Optimization Process

Navigating through the Additive AI dashboard, Olivia provided a step-by-step demonstration of its user-friendly interface and streamlined workflow. From selecting target pages to receiving real-time content optimization suggestions, Additive AI simplifies the content augmentation process, empowering publishers to make impactful changes with ease and confidence.



Reviewing Updated Content with AI Assistance

Olivia discussed content publication best practices and the need for constantly monitoring sites. She emphasized that changes made through Additive AI are immediately reflected on the website, streamlining the content management workflow. While changes are reflected immediately, it is critical to analyze post-augmentation metrics to gauge the impact effectively and refine content strategies iteratively. 


Monitoring and Evaluating Impact

One of the key highlights of Additive AI are the recommendations. Olivia illustrated how the tool not only enhances content length but also offers insights for clarity, professionalism, and relevance. By analyzing the entire article contextually, Additive AI ensures that each augmentation aligns seamlessly with the publisher's objectives and resonates effectively with the target audience.


Olivia emphasized the transformative potential of Additive AI in digital content creation. As search engine algorithms increasingly prioritize compelling, relevant, and trustworthy content, tools like Additive AI help publishers meet those standards. With its intuitive interface, AI-powered recommendations, and real-time integration capabilities, Additive AI empowers publishers to elevate their narratives effortlessly and captivate their audiences.


As digital publishing continues to evolve, Additive AI represents a pivotal advancement—a tool that not only streamlines content optimization processes but also empowers publishers to craft narratives that captivate and resonate with audiences. Embracing Additive AI, and the other tools in the NicheIQ suite, signifies a new era of creativity, engagement, and excellence in content creation.

Ezoic publishers can watch Olivia's full webinar recording as well as sign up for future webinars here.

Alyssa Mitzel

Written By: Alyssa Mitzel

Alyssa is a product marketing specialist leader and webmaster at Ezoic. An MBA graduate from St. Mary's College of California, she works on developing and marketing Ezoic products.

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