Emote Now Available: A Free Comments Section Built For SEO


Sarah Clow

Sarah Clow

Emote Now Available: A Free Comments Section Built For SEO
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Comments used to be awesome. In fact, millions of sites still depend on content in discussions started years ago in their comments sections. Sites have used this content for ages to maintain their pages' position in search results and to differentiate their site from competitors. 

Unfortunately, over the last decade, comment sections have eroded that value and evolved away from providing the core feature they're needed for, leading to more and more sites opting out of even including comments on pages.

Without a commenting system on your website, you miss the opportunity to build stronger connections with your readers and lose a valuable opportunity to develop a loyal audience. As content evolves on the web, it's never been more important to create a unique and direct connection with your audience. Comments sections are a passive way to do that, but the art of doing it well was lost.


The comment systems available to most sites today have become disconnected from what sites want and are overloaded with things that actually work counter to the sites' goal of building an audience. 

We created Emote to fix that.

Emote: Comment Areas That Are Simple, Easy, and Free

Starting today Emote is available and free for all websites. The setup is a simple copy/paste after you create a free account. You can add it to any site(s) in approximately 1 minute on any pages or sites; wherever and however you want. You can also migrate to it from WordPress comments or any other popular commenting platform, like DISQUS, in less than 5 minutes.


The Perfect Comment System

Emote is a simple, free commenting system for websites. Designed to help sites add engaging and helpful discussions to their pages. Emote works the way comments should be: fast, easy, and truly free.

Emote prioritizes website performance, security, SEO, and user experience. It covers all the bases and includes zero baggage that many systems come standard with.

This was something we were passionate about fixing, and when we talked to sites, almost universally, what everyone wanted was the same. So, that's what we made.


We added everything that was universally requested and left out the stuff it seemed like everyone complained about. Best of all, we made it free.

Yes. Free. Add as many sites as you want; whether you use any other products we make or not. We designed it so any site could set it up, migrate to it, etc., in about 1 minute (depending on how fast you can copy/paste).

TLDR Features:

  • Free: No ads, No credit cards, No rug pulls
  • Crazy Simple Setup: Create account, copy/paste, done
  • No Friction: Make it really easy to comment
  • Made For SEO: AI moderates and filters comments
  • Customizable: Add comments to any site or pages however you want
  • Migrate in minutes: Import or export your comments easily
  • No Sneaky Stuff: No holding data hostage or injecting ads secretly

Emote was made to be the best

image-1080×1080- (1).png

1. Fast, SEO-Friendly Commenting: Emote upgrades loading times vs. most popular comment systems. Your website's performance and security don't need to be compromised by a comment system. If you want to add a comment system to a site, you shouldn't have to expect a loss in page speed, and Emote is as lean as they come.

2. UX Boosted Engagement: Emote guarantees a clutter-free and secure environment for your users to interact. Without any hidden injections, trackers, or unauthorized ads, your website remains swift and secure, ensuring user data privacy and a streamlined user experience.

3. Maximized Earnings and Compliance: The vast majority of free commenting systems auto-insert ads onto your site that negatively impact the value of your ad inventory. Emote's design prevents unauthorized ads that could eat into your profits or risk ad density violations, ensuring you maintain full control over your site's content and monetization.

4. Custom Placement: Emote provides easy copy-and-paste embed scripts, allowing you to place the commenting section anywhere on your website. Whether you want to encourage discussions on specific pages or integrate comments seamlessly into your content, Emote offers the flexibility to fit your website's look and feel.

5. Moderation Wizard: Ensure that your comments stay on track with Emote's moderation wizard. From sticky comments to prevent important discussions from getting buried to options for suspending or deleting unwanted activity, Emote empowers you to maintain a healthy and productive commenting environment.

Screen Shot 2024-04-10 at 2.16.51 PM.png

6. Comment Voting and Live Updates: Emote enables comment voting and sorting, making it easy for users to find the most relevant and popular discussions. Additionally, Emote offers live updates through email notifications for moderators and commenters, ensuring that the conversation remains dynamic and engaging.

7. Genuinely Free, Transparent Comments: Emote is truly free and transparent, with no hidden freemium models or fees as your site grows. We guarantee a straightforward experience without hidden scripts or changes, making it an ideal solution for websites at any stage of growth.

8. Portable, No Lock-in: Own your comments and enjoy the freedom to display, manage, and migrate them wherever you want. Say goodbye to platform lock-ins that exclude potential commenters—Emote ensures universal accessibility and complete ownership over your discussions.

Emote offers simple, user-friendly comments that are plug-and-play and look great on any website. There's no need for complicated setups—just comments as you imagine them, effortlessly integrated into your site's design. Whether you prefer hands-on moderation or want to automate the process with AI-powered tools, Emote gives you the flexibility to manage comments according to your preferences, with complete ownership of your comment data.

Better Comments Are Worth A Try

We made Emote because sites wanted a comment system that just did what they wanted and nothing else. If you're not interested, that's fine with us, but if you are, we made it really simple to give it a try, even if it's only on one page. It'll take you 1 minute to do it.

We think Emote is the best choice for the majority of websites populating search results today because it's so easy to add and migrate to, has no cost, and doesn't require sites to compromise anything else. This means sites will see enhanced website performance, privacy, and revenue generation when using Emote vs. most systems in place today.

Try Emote today and let us know what you think!

Sarah Clow

Written By: Sarah Clow

Sarah is an experienced publishing industry leader responsible for organizing independent, publisher-only events; including some of the largest ever held at Google. Sarah is Ezoic's Director of Marketing.

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