Dynamic Growth: How to Benefit from Google's Ranking System and Increase Your Reach


Simon Wilken

Simon Wilken

Dynamic Growth: How to Benefit from Google's Ranking System and Increase Your Reach
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The constant updates to Google's search algorithms and the introduction of Universal Search are constantly changing the SEO landscape and present a challenge that feels like navigating through stormy waters. It is therefore crucial for publishers to adapt to these changes in order to effectively increase their online visibility and reach. In a comprehensive webinar, Leon Garcia, Publisher Success Manager for the German-speaking market at Ezoic, explained how publishers can drive dynamic growth by understanding Google's ranking system and specifically by integrating video content.

Leon Garcia, who also leads Ezoic's SEO consulting services for VIP publishers in the DACH region, shared his expertise on how the latest developments in Universal Search can be used specifically to improve the visibility and engagement of your websites. He also introduced Flickify, an innovative tool that enables publishers and content creators to quickly and efficiently create high-quality videos that help rank higher in search results, drive more organic traffic, and increase user engagement.

Basics of Google's Universal Search

In the webinar, Leon Garcia delved deeper into the mechanics of Google's Universal Search - a search algorithm that aims to provide a more diverse and comprehensive presentation of search results by integrating other media formats such as videos, images, news articles and maps alongside traditional text results. This approach allows users to get a richer selection of information on the same results page.

For publishers, Universal Search offers the opportunity to make their content visible across different media, which can be beneficial as it increases the likelihood of their content being found by potential visitors. By incorporating formats such as videos and images into their content strategy, publishers can not only improve their reach and visibility in search results, but also increase user engagement and dwell time on their pages, which can ultimately lead to higher conversion rates.

Videos have proven to be particularly effective as they are prioritized by Google's algorithm, capture users' attention faster and can convey information in an engaging way. By integrating video content, publishers can significantly increase their visibility in search results, especially as Google often places articles with videos more prominently than text-only content.

Demonstration of the Dominance of Video Content

According to a recent study published by Semrush, articles with at least one video generate 52% more organic traffic than articles without video. Only 8% of all blog posts analyzed in the study contained a video. This is a huge opportunity for publishers who are not yet focusing on video content.


Leon gave a live demonstration showing that a search query for practical instructions, such as "how to build a garden fence," predominantly returns video results. This means that even if your text-only article theoretically ranks first on Google for this query, Google might still display three, four, five, or even six videos above your article. The algorithm likely assesses these videos as being more beneficial to users than a standard blog article consisting solely of text and images. Consequently, while your article may hold the top position in text-based search results, it might not even appear in the first viewport of Universal Search, potentially reducing its visibility and impact.


This underlines the importance of videos in the SEO strategy, as also explained in  this article. The presence of video content increases the likelihood of landing on the first search results page of Google, as well as for higher user interactions and longer dwell times on the website.

Utilization of Flickify for Video Creation

In the webinar, Flickify was introduced as a crucial tool for creating video content. Leon emphasized the importance of this tool by explaining how it offers publishers the ability to quickly and efficiently create high-quality videos from existing text content in over 30 languages. Not only are these videos visually appealing, but they are also specifically optimized for search engines, making them ideal for improving visibility in Google Universal Search results.

Leon demonstrated the video creation process with Flickify, showing how the tool automatically adds relevant images, videos, and transitions to transform text content into a dynamic video experience. In addition, he explained how users can select themes and styles that best reflect their brand identity and how they can make custom adjustments to communicate their messages visually more effectively. He also touched on how Flickify enables keyword and meta data embedding to maximize SEO performance and ensure that videos are deemed relevant and valuable not only by humans, but also by search engine algorithms.

Embed Videos via Humix and Benefit from SEO Advantages

By integrating Flickify-created videos on your website using Humix, Ezoic's advanced video platform, you can unlock significant SEO benefits. Humix provides an optimized platform to effectively host and share videos, which not only improves loading speeds, but also optimizes the user experience on your site. These factors are critical to improving your search engine rankings and attracting more organic traffic.

Ultimately, the combination of Flickify and Humix allows you to not only create high-quality and engaging video content, but also utilize it in a way that maximizes SEO benefits. This leads to a stronger online presence, increased organic traffic, and improved interaction rates, boosting the overall success of your digital efforts.

Interactive Participation and Solutions

Engagement from webinar attendees was high, particularly with questions about using Flickify & Humix and the effectiveness of video SEO practices. Discussions revolved around how to best integrate video into search engine optimization and how to best use tools like Google Search Console to monitor performance. Leon recommended always tagging videos created in Flickify with relevant keywords and SEO-friendly descriptions and ensuring they are an appropriate length to maximize video discoverability, deliver content more effectively to the target audience, and maximize user engagement.

Summary and Strategic Recommendations

To conclude the webinar, Leon summarized the key points and emphasized the importance of continuously adapting to the requirements of Google's algorithms. He reminded attendees that investing in video content and utilizing Flickify and Humix are critical to increasing website visibility and engagement. The strategic recommendations aimed to help publishers position their digital content optimally and take full advantage of the benefits that Google's Universal Search offers publishers.

The webinar made it clear that the integration of video content is an indispensable component of modern SEO strategies and provided participants with valuable insights and tools to successfully shape their online presence in a digital landscape increasingly dominated by video.

If you are an Ezoic publisher, you can watch a recording of Leon´s webinar here. Weekly Walkthrough webinars happen every Wednesday, check out past recordings and register for future events here.

Simon Wilken

Written By: Simon Wilken

Simon works as an International Marketing Specialist at Ezoic and specializes in the development of the programmatic DACH advertising market. With an academic background in media studies and English, he combines sound theoretical knowledge with practical application skills.

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