Boost Organic Traffic and Content Output With These SEO Tools


Alyssa Mitzel

Alyssa Mitzel

Boost Organic Traffic and Content Output With These SEO Tools
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Achieving high search engine rankings and consistent traffic is vital for website success. However, the process can be daunting, with hours spent on keyword research and page edits often yielding minimal results. Not to mention ensuring your content is deemed helpful to your audience so search engines prefer your site over the competition is hard as well. In a recent webinar hosted by Hannah Stoever, Senior Partnership Manager, she shares insights on three critical SEO tools in the NicheIQ SEO suite: Page Booster, Topic Suggestions, and Wordsmith. We'll explore how these tools can streamline publishers' SEO efforts, maximizing websites' visibility in search results and content creation strategies. 


Unveiling Ezoic's SEO Arsenal: Page Booster

First up was the introduction to Page Booster, a tool that identifies pages that are losing traction, indicated by a decline in search traffic. It then suggests relevant keywords and optimizations to revitalize the content, restoring lost traffic and improving its ranking in search results. 


Note: Using Page Booster requires Google Search Console authorization which you can complete here

To get the finer details on a page-by-page basis, there is a Page List tab that is broken down by their overall trends. These trends include pages that are 1) Trending down 2) Stable 3) Trending Up and 4) Intermediate (this means volatile traffic patterns are seen). Hannah talked through how there are specific recommendations on which keywords to target on a given page, making creating top-tier content clear and direct. 

Hannah also recommended when working through pages, to ensure that video content exists on the page. The most effective way to do this and increase the likelihood of appearing in universal search results is by creating a video with Flickify. You can get started with converting your articles into high-quality videos through the Flickify dashboard.

Topic Suggestions: Your Content Compass

A recent study noted that 36.3% of SEO professionals spend the majority of their time on keyword research - that’s more than any other SEO activity (source). Additionally, keyword ranking position is the most commonly-used metric for measuring SEO performance - it was used by 43.9% of surveyed respondents (source). It is clear that keyword research is a critical element to a strong SEO strategy, but let’s face it, most publishers don’t have the time nor the same resources. 

Hannah emphasized the importance of content relevance and how Topic Suggestions makes publishers' lives easier. By analyzing top-performing content across the web, Topic Suggestions provides you with a weekly list of topics that are not only trending but also pertinent to your niche. This means you can create helpful content that resonates with your audience and ranks well on search engines.


Wordsmith: Turn Ideas Into Full-Fledged Articles

Lastly, Hannah gave a live demonstration of Wordsmith. This tool is a content creator's dream, turning outlines into comprehensive long-form articles. These AI-generated articles always result in helpful content for the publisher’s target audience. Hannah shared step-by-step how Wordsmith takes a simple bullet-point list and transforms it into a well-structured, SEO-optimized article. Let’s review the process:

  1. Create and input your outline using headers and brief descriptions of how you want each section to read to your audience 

  2. Add keywords you want to target

  3. Edit the content

  4. Review and export directly to your CMS

  5. Set URL and track ROI (*new*): You can now track and analyze the performance of all published articles generated through Wordsmith. 

Wordsmith maintains the natural flow of language while ensuring that the content is rich with keywords that boost SEO. This tool makes producing helpful content in mass efficient and thoughtful. If you’re interested in learning more about Wordsmith, data scientist Gerland Burnand hosted this webinar on best practices and getting the most out of this tool specifically. 

Conclusion: Main Lessons and Actionable Insights

The main takeaway from this webinar is the importance of leveraging the right tools to enhance your SEO strategy. Page Booster, Topic Suggestions, and Wordsmith are more than just features; they are essential components of a robust content and SEO strategy. They help you understand your website's current performance, guide you in creating relevant content, and assist in crafting articles that are both informative and SEO-friendly. Whether you're a seasoned SEO professional or just starting, understanding and utilizing tools like those offered within NicheIQ can significantly impact your website's success.

Interested to join a future webinar? You can register and access past webinars here.

Alyssa Mitzel

Written By: Alyssa Mitzel

Alyssa is a product marketing specialist leader and webmaster at Ezoic. An MBA graduate from St. Mary's College of California, she works on developing and marketing Ezoic products.

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