Experience the future of lightning-fast websites and perfect Core Web Vitals, powered by Leap and Ezoic Edge

The best user experience lives on the edge

Ensure quick page loads for all visitors by serving Core Web Vital-friendly ads and pages on the lightning-fast Ezoic Edge

    • Measure

      See how each change you make brings you closer to better performance

    • Gain Insights

      Learn how your technologies impact your site and make informed choices

    • Optimize

      Choose your settings or have Leap setup automatically

    • Peace of mind

      Monitor your accomplishments with confidence so you can focus on what matters most

Dominate Core Web Vitals Ezoic Edge is the ultimate solution

Ezoic Edge was built to deliver ads and site pages server-side, ensuring the fastest response times and website loading available

Ad Serving without Ezoic Edge

Visitor requests page, host responds, ads use javascript to call the ads, the ad call returns and the page loads.


Server-Side Ad Serving via Ezoic Edge

Visitor requests the page and Ezoic Cloud responds with the page and ads allowing all the content to load for the visitor.


Stop paying for plugins Leap is the complete toolset

Optimization Tools

Script Management

Optimizes the loading and execution of scripts and ads

Streamline Images

Optimizes the loading, serving, and sizing of images


Our charts dynamically update as new data becomes available, giving you real-time insights

Static Asset Control

Caches the static assets across your pages

CSS Optimization

Manages the loading of stylesheets and fonts

Quick Content

Optimizes the loading of iframes
Additional Features

Technology Library

The only comprehensive technology library on the market. Know how the tech you use impacts your site

Ezoic Lab

Optimizing for Core Web Vitals and SEO? No problem! Measure both Field and Lab data and stay ahead of the curve

Cloud Caching

With Cloud Caching, your website will load faster, leading to improved user experience and higher engagement

Forever Free
Always Fast

Stop bloating your site with expensive optimization plugins;
Leap has everything for site speed performance at no cost

Frequently asked questions

  • Leap is 100% free for Ezoic Monetization customers. Our robust toolset works perfectly with Ezoic Edge to deliver Core Web Vital Friendly ads and lightening fast pages.
  • Ezoic Cloud works with Leap to deliver server-side ads along with the entire page via the new Ezoic Edge so that everything passes Core Web Vitals. This feature is limited to sites integrated with Ezoic Cloud and unavailable anywhere else.
  • No. Ezoic Leap will be free to Ezoic Monetization users. Sites using Leap that are not showing ads from EzoicAds can use Leap free.
  • In most cases, Leap will mean getting more out of less. WordPress sites have become used to using plugins and host settings to improve load times.

    Leap provides a far more universal and sophisticated solution that generally means getting rid of plugins and unnecessary tech/features (and probably saving a lot of money!

    Our advice to most sites using WordPress is to disable all caching features at CDNs and hosts (usually costing sites money), deactivate caching or speed optimization plugins (more $$$ saved), and to ensure that the site’s theme isn’t minifying, lazy-loading or deffering any code. Sites can also save money by disabling image optimization plugins, because Leap does that too, only better!
  • The Leap Technology Library is an incredible tool that can help you make educated decisions about what technologies you choose to implement on your site.

    For Ezoic customers you can find the library in the Leap section of your Ezoic dashboard. You can also access the Library from HERE if you are interested in seeing how Leap can help you before you get started!