Layout Tester

Multivariate layout testing that automatically learns which layouts visitors like the best

Optimize Your Layouts

Ezoic’s Layout Tester allows users to automatically perform multivariate layout testing on their websites. Ezoic will learn which layouts perform the best with different user segments and deliver tailored experiences to every website visitor based on their behavior. This means better user experiences and more pageviews.

layout tester - website layout testing

Sophisticated Testing, Simple Setup

Layout Tester works with all content management systems (WordPress, Joomla, etc.), hosting providers, programming languages, and site structures.  Your hosting stays the same and you can update your content the same way as always.  Ezoic is a smart layer that sits on top of your existing infrastructure that helps you improve your site’s performance by performing intelligent layout testing automatically. No technical expertise necessary.

Why Test Layouts?

Other than content, layout testing on your website is the single most important factor to user experience, traffic, and revenue. In the past, a site layout was often selected on the basis of personal preference — either via pre-built themes or from a web design company.  While these designs can be aesthetically pleasing, it was extremely rare for a publisher to test their effect on user experience in an objective way.

Layout Tester, lets you select what layout you would like to test from an extensive library. Ezoic will test your existing site content with these layouts,  measure how they perform, and show the best layouts to each user based upon a number of factors.

test web layouts to improve ad earnings — smart layout testing

Experiment Reporting for Layout Testing

Layout Tester provides you with complete visibility into how each layout is performing on your site — including pageviews per visit, time on site, bounce rate and revenue per thousands visits.

As the Ezoic system “learns” what layout elements your visitors prefer, it will automatically adapt, improving performance over time.

Layout Tester puts the power of machine learning in your hands. You control the experiments, Ezoic tests layouts and leverages billions of data points to ensure that visitors are positively impacted by the experiences.

Layout Tester Makes Your Site Mobile Friendly

All layouts are fast and mobile friendly. Layout Tester optimizes mobile and tablet devices  — increasing revenue and improving user experiences in just about every way you can imagine.

Why Mobile Testing Matters

  1. The average Ezoic mobile site earns 2.6x more from mobile visitors.
  2. Visitors are 79% more likely to stay on Ezoic mobile sites.
  3. Users spend 45% more time on Ezoic mobile sites.

Getting Started On Mobile Layouts

It’s common for the mobile version of a website to get neglected; despite the rise of mobile visitors. Ezoic allows publishers to perform layout testing only on mobile devices to start with. Often, this is where publishers can see the fastest and most dramatic impact.


test site layouts with layout tester - testing website layouts

Start Testing Layouts On Your Site