Humix Network FAQ

What is Humix Network Video?

Humix is a growing global video network that allows publishers to increase traffic and revenue using digital video. Humix delivers unprecedented collaboration between sites and digital video creators. Ezoic Publishers can upload, share, or display videos using Humix by enabling the display of Network videos on their sites. Publishers can also choose to have videos they upload shared across the network.

How does Humix Network Video work?

Humix is a video platform designed to provide a portal-like interface for publisher videos. It auto-generates a video library on the publisher’s website, allowing search engines and the Humix network to send publishers visitors. It’s like owning their own YouTube.

Once videos have been uploaded, they can start sharing and growing their audience. Enabling Display Video will earn from other Humix channels on the publisher’s website and engage readers on relevant pages.

How will Humix benefit me?

By sharing video, you will generate new revenue, grow your audience and views through search engines and a network with over 1.2 billion monthly pageviews automatically. 

By displaying video, you will have access to an additional stream of revenue, lift revenue on already popular pages, and keep your visitors engaged longer with more digital content.

What if I don’t have any videos to upload?

If you have not uploaded any videos yet to the Ezoic Video library, you will see “Upload Video” buttons at the top and center of the page that will direct them to the Ezoic Video page to do so. If you don’t have videos uploaded, you can still enable the “Auto-Engage & Earn: Display Video” setting to begin generating revenue from the Humix network video library.

How does a publisher start using Humix?

Publishers can access Humix directly from their Ezoic dashboard via the dedicated Humix button on the main navigation bar.

What is Grow: Share videos?

Grow: Share Videos allows shared videos uploaded in Ezoic to the Humix network to display on other websites in the network, providing a new stream of traffic and revenue from your uploaded

Do I have to share all of my videos on Humix?  

If you don’t want to share the majority of their videos but only a small amount, keep the “Grow: Share Videos” toggle off and use the “Share on Humix” toggles that appear on each video card to share a specific selection of videos. 

What is Auto-Engage & Earn: Display Video?

Displaying videos from Humix on pages without videos allows them to provide readers with more engaging content while providing additional streams of revenue on those pages. Ezoic will scan their website for potential video locations and display videos that are a good fit for the content on the page.

How will I earn revenue for sharing and/or displaying videos with Humix?

Humix videos are monetized with ads; the ad revenue is part of your site’s revenue. Though Humix does not display ads on Humix pages, your dedicated article pages on Humix do have video ads that play and generate video ad revenue on that page. Consider the total value of video – with our video SEO feature your content is found in search results bringing more traffic to your site, and when your site provides quality video content, users will have more engagement which is beneficial for your overall site’s revenue, not just video ads or video revenue.

To increase your video earnings, we suggest the following best practices:

  • Create video content that is relevant to your article
  • Make sure you have a searchable title & description that is relevant to your video content
  • Include keywords to help with SEO
  • Video content is optimal when it’s kept to 5 to 30 minutes long
  • Enable autoplay, floating at the top of the page (videos cannot float until the user has viewed the video content on the page)