How to Earn a Ton of Revenue Using Flickify and Humix Together

How to Earn a Ton of Revenue Using Flickify and Humix Together

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Ezoic recently launched Humix and Flickify, creating a powerul one-two punch for marketers looking to tap into video content revenue. Most popular website income streams offer you a simple method to get paid which requires an enormous amount of work:

  • YouTube pays creators for video views, but that requires creating, editing, and publishing great videos
  • Teachable allows creators to earn money selling online courses, but that requires creators to create, edit, and publish great online courses 
  • Advertisers pay creators to run ads on their sites, but that requires creators to build a high-trafficked website

Of course, we can’t forget…you need to build an audience too if you want any of this to work! Sure, you can make money from your content…but only if you put in a ton of time learning new skills and successfully market your product to a large audience. All this takes a ton of work, and it could be a long time before you ever make significant income even if you put in the work.

Ezoic publishers have a unique opportunity to skip much of this work and immediately position themselves to start earning a ton of revenue. By combining the power of Flickify (our article-to-video converting tool) and Humix (our video management suite that displays videos on other sites for revenue), you can tap into a whole new market without needing video editing skills or even needing an audience.

Here’s how you can earn a ton of revenue by using Humix and Flickify together.

How to Quickly Create Videos, Upload Them, and Earn Revenue in a Matter of Minutes

Creating videos and earning revenue used to require a significant amount of work, and no small amount of skill. New video creators are competing against long-time veterans and massively popular influencers with an arsenal of video creation skills and resources like a studio, expensive equipment, script writers, etc. 

Earning revenue hasn’t been much easier. Just because you could create high-quality videos didn’t mean much; you had to market your work to your audience and build a following that would consistently view your videos. You also had to jump through a number of hoops to even be eligible to earn income: for example, YouTube requires creators to meet several criteria before these creators can earn income:

  • Have at least 1,000 subscribers
  • Reach 4,000 valid public watch hours in the past 12 months
  • Sign and agree to the terms and conditions
  • Have an AdSense account
  • Get reviewed and approved

According to recent research, out of the 31+ million YouTube channels, only around 18,000 channels have over 1,000 subscribers. That means less than 1% of YouTube channels are even eligible to earn revenue through the platform! Of those that do, a far smaller fraction of channels are earning anything close to “significant” revenue too. This is coming from YouTube, the biggest video sharing platform in the world; it’s not hard to imagine other smaller platforms offering even less.

But let’s take a look at Humix, growing in popularity and offering unique advantages for publishers looking to grow in the video creation world.

Here’s one example of an Ezoic publisher who just started using Humix. A few months ago, this publisher decided to upload a handful of videos on the platform. After a few videos over a couple months, this creator is on track to earn more than 99% of YouTube channels…and they don’t even have a video audience! This is done through Humix displaying those videos on high-trafficked sites, earning the creator revenue despite having no audience of their own.

This publisher had rarely dabbled with video content creation in the past. Their site was doing just fine, but they decided to use Humix and allow their site to display videos.

The result? A massive new income stream. In just a few months, they started earning hundreds of dollars from uploading a few basic videos on the Humix platform.

As we’re seeing, this isn’t an unusual occurrence among Ezoic publishers. Furthermore, we’re seeing some astronomical growth among our smaller publishers; video revenue has now become 90% of overall site revenue among publishers in Ezoic’s Access Now and Level 1. Now is the best time to jump on this rocket ship, and many publishers are getting on board this incredible opportunity. 

But let’s say you don’t have video creation expertise, and aren’t really interested in creating videos from scratch. No problem: you can simply allow Humix to display other high-quality videos on your site, and earn the same share of revenue. However, there’s another option that will suit you and your site even better: using Flickify to convert your articles into videos in a matter of moments.

This strategy works for several reasons. First, you probably have dozens (if not hundreds) of articles on your site, meaning you can simply use them in Flickify to create videos right now. Next, it allows you to tap into the market of video creation, establishing yourself as a video content creator (even if you have no video creation skills or audience). Finally, you can then upload these videos onto Humix, creating a significant new revenue stream using content you’ve already made.

How to Convert Your First Article Into a Video Through Flickify

If you’re ready to start earning revenue by turning your articles into videos and uploading them on Humix, here’s how to start.

First, go to From there, you’ll be able to access the dashboard and add new videos:

You’re able to use Flickify in three ways: 

  1. Use one of your online articles (simply paste in the URL of your article, and Flickify can begin creating a video based on that page’s text).
  2. Paste in a written script (simply paste in content you’ve already written, including snippets or sections from your existing articles)
  3. Write a script from scratch (you can write in an entirely new piece of text content in Flickify, and Flickify will be able to create a video based on that content).

You can then customize your video in a variety of ways, from narrator voice to background music to using a massive library of stock videos/images. You can see more of those details here, but what you need to understand now is simple: you can tap into a whole new market and quickly build a video content creation presence even if you have no video audience or experience creating videos.

A Winning Strategy of Humix + Flickify

Humix and Flickify might be the best one-two punch marketing strategy to help publishers earn video revenue. You can convert your text articles into videos, then upload those videos on Humix to begin earning advertisement revenue…all in a matter of minutes. 

Publishers from hundreds of industries and niches are already seeing enormous amounts of video views through pairing Flickify videos with Humix. Here’s an actual example of an Ezoic publisher who’s seen enormous success through Flickify.

This publisher was an original beta tester for Flickify, and converted around 35 of their articles into Flickify videos. After uploading them onto Humix, this publisher has earned over $2,367 in the past month alone, and a whopping $13,154+ so far this year! This publisher had done very little with video until now, but through combining Flickify with Humix they were able to create a massive new income stream — all without needing to create a video audience or design any videos themselves.

In Conclusion

Building a reliable income stream for your site usually takes an enormous amount of work: building an audience, staying on top of trends, conducting a ton of research, skillfully applying your new strategies to your changing audience. There’s a reason why so many content creators are experiencing burnout; it’s an enormous task to consistently produce high-quality content. This gets even harder if you have a disability, if you’re taking care of young children, if you travel a lot, if you work a full-time day job, etc.

That’s why Ezoic has spent so much time and energy creating these tools: to provide publishers with the easiest, most effective tools to build new income streams and grow their site without the significant hassle of doing everything yourself. 

Relying too heavily on any platform puts you and your site at risk. But through using Ezoic tools like Flickify and Humix — and especially when you pair them together — you can diversify your income streams and even create massive new ones. Best of all, you remain in control of your site, strategy, and content. 

Your strategy might’ve been working pretty well before, but by using Humix and Flickify together, you can potentially earn a ton of revenue for your site — all through a few clicks of a button.

Anthony Moore is a writer, speaker, and coach. He's helped hundreds of entrepreneurs create successful businesses, and has gained over 7 million views for his work on entrepreneurship, personal growth, and productivity.

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