Google Approval Checklist

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Review the Google Approval Checklist to get you started faster

The web is full of tips on getting approved for Google Ad Manager, but it's important to sift through the information carefully. Ezoic has outlined the key steps for faster approval.

Ezoic x Google Ad Manager

What to Do

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  1. Create Menu

    Create a menu with clear links to your blog categories as well as the home, about us, and contact us pages.

  2. Content requirements

    Ensure the site meets minimum content requirements (at least 15 articles per site is recommended)

  3. Keep Content Original

    Do not duplicate content

  4. Pick A Niche

    Stick to a specific niche for your website's content

  5. Finalize Categories

    Aim for categories with at least 5 articles; those with only 2-3 may be seen as 'low value' during reviews

* Following these steps are general guidelines for website approval with Google Ad Manager based on success from current publishers. Each website is unique and Ezoic does not have the authority to approve a site through Google Ad Manager. The steps above do not guarantee approval with Google as other factors can play a role with each specific website.

What to Expect

1. Account Approval

Ezoic works with publishers daily to help ensure speedy and correct set-up. A typical Google account approval is within 1-3 hours (although these numbers may vary).

2. Site Approval

A site approval (different from account approval), can take anywhere from 3 hours to 2 weeks. The average waiting period for site approval for a typical publisher tends to be 2-3 days, however, new or smaller sites tend to take longer for site approval as they are new to Google’s ecosystem.

3. You're Ready to Go!

If you have questions during the approval process, please reach out to Ezoic and one of our experts will be in contact regarding your site

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