General Questions

How hard is it to use Ezoic and how long does it take to get started?

Creating an Ezoic account will take you about 30 seconds.  Setting up takes about 45 minutes to an hour.

Here’s the process:

  1. Create an account here
  2. Change your name servers, install the WordPress plugin, or enable the Cloudflare app
  3. If you plan to use Ad Tester (our flagship app) — Install the Ezoic Chrome Extension and create ‘ad placeholders’ (these are potential ad locations on a page) and insert them or ‘wrap’ them around your existing ads.
  4. Apply for Google’s Ad Exchange (ADX) and link your AdSense account.
  5. Turn the system ‘on’ by device, and choose what percentage of traffic you’d like Ezoic to apply machine learning to.


Will Ezoic change my site?

No. Ezoic does provide you the ability to dictate how different aspects of your site can be personalized and tested for different visitors. You have total control of these experiments and can choose if you would like to use Ezoic apps and tools that give you this ability.

Furthermore, Ezoic makes most websites faster while improving experiences for visitors.

When using our machine learning tools, you remain in control of what is tested and how Ezoic learns at all times. Ezoic has two main applications that allow publishers to adapt their sites to visitors based on what it has learned.

  • Ad Tester‘ changes the ad positions, types, sizes, colors etc.— nothing else changes. You decide what kinds of ads (native/display/inline) to show and where they could potentially show.  Ezoic then tests and learns to help you optimize user experiences and earn more revenue.
  • Layout Tester’ automates the testing and optimization of content layouts (themes), navigation features and ad locations — all at the same time. You don’t have to use Layout Tester if you are concerned about how it might change the way your site looks. We encourage many users to start with Ad Tester and then experiment with Layout Tester on a portion of traffic later on in the future.

Both products use an A.I. engine that will test according to the goals you set for the site in Settings > Optimization Goals.

You choose from 4 Goal options:


  1. UX focused testing (which will try to find combinations that boost time on site, page views per visit and lower bounce rate and favor those combinations over ‘revenue’ results).
  2. Revenue Focused (which will weight revenue 70:30 against UX)
  3. Balanced, which will weight the testing decisions based on a 50:50 split between revenue and UX.
  4. Custom. Choose your own weighting to tell the system what to go and find for you.

If I use Ezoic, will I increase my digital revenue?

Applying machine learning to your website and your ad delivery results in higher ad revenue and better user experience metrics. There are no exceptions to this principle when applied correctly.

Ezoic learns from visitors and helps publishers make small changes automatically that influence higher revenues and better overall UX metrics.

Most publishers make +50% more revenue from having ads in better positions, lowered bounce rates, and increased session duration and page views per visit.

Ezoic is a smart platform that gives you all the controls. It will only do what you tell it to do, so when you to set goals for your ad location optimization, you’ll need to choose a goal.  In Settings, you choose either ‘revenue focused’, ‘user experience focused’, ‘balanced’ or ‘custom’ goals which trade off revenue (earnings per thousand visits) against a combination of user experience metrics, to get you the results you have selected.

Ultimately, ensuring Ezoic is configured properly will go a long way in ensuring that any revenue goals you have for using Ezoic are met.

Does Ezoic affect SEO?

Ezoic will improve visitor experience metrics, such as bounce rate, over time. These improvements are considered to be a positive signal to search engines. We’ve demonstrated on multiple case studies that Ezoic implementation actually results in improved search engine ranking positions.

In January of 2018, we studied 50 new sites using Ezoic that derived the majority of their traffic from organic search. One year later, the average publisher in this group saw an 85% improvement in traffic and a 24% improvement in keywords that ranked in organic search results.

Often, sites will be concerned about ad placements and SEO. Ezoic has a track record of never having a publisher being served a penalty for abusive ad experiences using our platform. We’re extremely confident that Ezoic’s impact on SEO — with or without ads — is positive.

What type of websites do you work with?

Ezoic works with everyone from popular independent site owners to major brands that include some of the top 500 largest websites in the world — as well as small informational sites run by singular individuals — and just about everything in between.

Our digital publishers and websites really do come in all shapes and sizes. Anyone that offers high quality, original content, as well as useful web-based tools.

We work with sites that receive as few as 25,000 visits per month and as many as 100 million visits per month. We also work with forums, game sites, publishers that have built their own tools, and even some e-commerce sites as well.

Tell me more about Ezoic's background?

We are a technology company based in San Diego, California. We are backed by Balderton Capital (formerly Benchmark Europe), New Amsterdam Capital and Silicon Valley Bank.  Until Nov 2013, we were in “stealth mode”, so we tended to shy away from publicity and press releases. We are quietly working away on solving some really interesting problems and we hope you like what we’ve built and will feedback your ideas to us on how it can be improved.

You can read our recent press here.

Now Ezoic works with thousands of digital publishers and working with some of the most respected names in the world of digital media.

In 2014, 2015, and 2016, Ezoic was honored by Google.  We were the first North American Google AdSense Partner.  We were also an inaugural member of the new Google Certified Publishing Partner Program (there are only 12 of those companies in the USA) when the certified Adsense program was ‘sunset’ in December 2015. Then, in late 2016, Ezoic was awarded the Google business Innovation award.

We are also the only testing company to be a Cloudflare ‘Certified Partner’.

Ezoic was founded by Dwayne Lafleur, an internet entrepreneur who started his first online business in 1999. Dwayne was the founder and CEO of Cubics, the first Facebook ad network, which was acquired by Adknowledge Inc in 2007.

How many websites do you work with?

We work with thousands of digital publishers and online web properties reaching billions of pageviews per month.

Last year alone, we had over 3,000 new publishers start using Ezoic that still use it today.

I'm not technically inclined, can I implement Ezoic myself?

Yes! We made Ezoic to work for everyone.

‘Integration’ is very easy (changing name servers, adding a plugin, or enabling the Cloudflare app takes 1 minute).  After that, it’ll take you 40-60 minutes to set up your ad placeholders and sign up for Google’s Ad Exchange.  After that it’s all automated, so you can sit back and relax, and let the computers do the heavy lifting for you.

If you need help, we are available 24/7, via (we have offices in the UK and USA).

Ad Testing & Personalization Questions

Will visitors see a lot of ads?

The Ezoic system is 100% data-driven and designed to deliver better visitor experiences that are built around the optimization goals you have set for them.

By measuring bounce rates, session duration and page views per visit, on a per-user and per landing page basis, the system can achieve a scientific balance between UX and revenue.

This is a much more accurate way of determining how users feel about the number/size/style of ads that they see. Ezoic ‘learns’ how to show ads in locations that make you money but don’t detract from user experience. Data gives us a much more accurate way of looking at this.

This works because good user experience will feed into better revenue.  More on why this is here.

How much control will I have over my site?

100%. Ezoic just allows you to scale thousands of decisions at once based on what you choose.

If you use Ad Tester, only the ad locations / configurations will change when using Ad Tester (based on placeholders that you can set).  You configure what ads show.  Ads are controlled on an individual page level & sitewide, so you can exclude certain ad spots and exclude certain pages from testing.  You decide what types of ads to show.

All in all — you have the same controls over the ads as you have now.  Ezoic will learn which ads to show where according to device type, traffic source, landing page, geographic location, time of day and more.

There is no contract or minimum term commitment, so you can stay or leave at any time.  You can toggle Ezoic ON or OFF for Desktop/Mobile/Tablet and control the percentage of users who get to see new ad configurations at all times.

Does Ezoic manage ads and monetization for publishers?

Ezoic is a platform that empowers publishers to control and manage as much or as a little as they would like. This includes things like ad placements, ad partners, monetization methods, and sophisticated testing and optimization.

We are NOT an outsourced service provider, but we do provide an end to end platform that includes simple controls for our publishers to easily streamline the setup and implementation of world-class ad operations with complete transparency on their site. Publishers can do as little as drag and drop potential ad placements on their site and Ezoic will use it’s powerful A.I. to increase revenue, balance visitor experiences, and improve overall performance.

For more advanced publishers with ad ops teams or hands-on approaches to ad management and optimization, Ezoic provides in-depth analytics, controls, and tools to perform advanced multivariate testing and visitor segmentation. You can also customize and integrate your existing ad partners, ad server accounts, or direct deals into Ezoic’s platform to further streamline how you use data to increase the revenue of your site and improve the value of programmatic ad rates.

Lastly, we provide exceptional support and account management so that our publishers are never left on their own. Members of our team can always guide you or provide assistance to help you achieve your goals with our platform.


Compatibility Questions

What technologies do you support?

Ezoic supports all technologies and all CMS platforms when integrated via nameservers or CDN.  This is because the system operates at the DNS/Proxy level.  So, whether your site is using WordPress, Drupalal, Sitecore, Dreamweaver, or code written by someone in pearl 20 years ago, Ezoic will work the same way.

You can keep all of your existing ad demand and ad partners as well. Ezoic is simply a testing layer that does not affect any existing ad relationships or programmatic settings (if you’re integrating with your DFP).

Why doesn't Ezoic recommend Javascript integration (code snippet) even though it is provided?

JS, or code snippet integration, was only designed for small publishers who cannot change settings in their DNS (like or website).

This method is not recommended for sites with traffic greater than 30,000 visits per month and may slow the site down and increase the risk of JS conflicts.

Ultimately, we want everyone using Ezoic to have a successful implementation and to see the full benefits of what our technology can do. JS does not provide optimal performance for most customers and it is not recommended.

This type of integration is not recommended for 98.7% of publishers that use Ezoic, but we do provide it as an option. You can find JS integration code for your domain under Settings, Integration, Get Code.

Can Ezoic work and integrate with major CDN providers?

Yes. Depending on how the publisher would like Ezoic to integrate with these platforms, we provide seamless compatibility with Fastly, GCP, edgecast, MAXCDN, AKAMAI, CloudFlare, and Cloudfront (plus many more)*.

*Custom CDN integrations are available exclusively for enterprise customers.


What technology does Ezoic use as its CDN?

Ezoic uses a combination of different technologies, including Varnish and some sophisticated proprietary technology. We leverage geographically distributed routing to 10 worldwide data centers via AWS and add more regularly.

Is Ezoic GDPR compliant?

Yes. We even have free GDPR tools and applications on our platform so you can customize and manage visitor’s consent.

Infrastructure Questions

Can Ezoic support the large number of requests per minute our site gets?

Yes. This is a common question, but it is one we have been able to answer with our track record and internal resources dedicated to support this kind of infrastructure.

To give you an idea of Ezoic’s scale, Ezoic is handling hundreds of millions of requests per minute every day. We have built Ezoic to be a fully redundant, fault tolerant, and highly-availability system.

Is there redundancy in place for the Ezoic platform?

Ezoic is built using AWS, and uses 10 redundant data centers. It uses least-latency features to route users to the nearest data center. Each datacenter is independent, and actively monitored. In the event of an interruption, the datacenter is removed from serving active requests.

Does Ezoic have cache-warm capability? What are the timeouts used on the server-to-server connection?

The timeouts on non-cached pages are set to be long—30s at a minimum. This means that if Ezoic does not have any content cached at all, we’ll wait for it to load, rather than returning an error.

Additionally, we have a feature that allows recently expired content to be served in certain circumstances, so for example, if the content had a 2 hour expiration, and a request for the content comes in at 2 hours and 3 seconds later, the expired content could be served while the content is refreshed in the background, in order to prevent the user from waiting. These are features that can be enabled or disabled.

If Ezoic's free CDN sits in front of our existing CDN, How does that affect caching and A/B tests?

Ezoic can sit in front of, or behind any existing CDN. You certainly don’t have to use an existing CDN, but it is something Ezoic can support. We would need to understand how your A/B tests work and make sure that Ezoic’s optimizations are run in line within your rules.

For enterprise customers, Ezoic can offer custom integrations and API to support your existing workflows.

Can Ezoic provide 99.9% uptime?

Yes. This is something we have an excellent track record on.

Service & Technical Assistance Questions

Does Ezoic provide live support and how quickly can I expect a response?

We have a dedicated support team who operate on multiple timezones across the globe. All of our support team members are actual Ezoic employees that are technically trained and experienced.

Our average response time is less than one hour for all publisher support questions.

For non-urgent issues or challenges, you can reach out to your Ezoic account manager or dedicated representative for active support and troubleshooting.

For urgent troubleshooting, Ezoic provides an “off” setting (instantly removes the Ezoic proxy by fwd’ing all site requests to the origin without having change www record). This allows you to quickly manage Ezoic’s influence on your site at all times.

Can I have a technical member of my team consult with Ezoic's technical team?

Ezoic account managers and support team members are technically trained and can link up with any of your existing developers or technical staff.

If you can share specific technical questions or concerns, our staff can involve necessary members of our engineering team and collect the information necessary to support any of your queries.


Ready To Get Started?

Have all the answers you need? You can sign-up for Ezoic right now. Setup should take less than 15 minutes.