Direct Ad Orders

Traffic any direct ad deals through Ezoic

Use Ezoic to traffic and deliver an ad order from a direct advertiser with all the parameters necessary to manage direct deals.

Targetting Direct Ads

Maintain Relationships

Ezoic allows you to traffic any and all pre-existing deals through the app

Leverage Our Networks

Be empowered to negotiate and run deals via Ezoic's ad serving technology

0% fees

Unlike other companies, Ezoic does not charge you to run deals you negotiated

The Key Features of the Direct Ads app

Set Order Types


Highest-ranking line item type for fixed position and time-based campaigns


For impression-based campaigns

Price Priority

For unsold inventory


Lowest-ranking line item type. Typically used for ads that promote products and services chosen by you


Delivers impressions equally over the course of the campaign


Attempts to deliver impressions ahead of schedule by as much as 25% in the first half of the campaign, returning to evenly distributed afterward

As Fast As Possible

Delivers up to the impression goal as quickly as possible

Start & End Date

Deliver based on calendar and time parameters

Creative Display Modes

Only One

Show only one creative per page if multiple creatives are associated with this line item

One or More

Allows multiple creatives associated with this line item to show

As Fast As Possible

Show creatives in as many ad units as possible on a page

Additional Controls

Inventory Size

Manage the size and parameters that matter most relating to your inventory

Frequency Clapping

Limit impressions per minute (minute, hour, day, week, lifetime)


You can target your campaigns by country, device type, ad position, etc


Support for any custom creative, including support for click-tracking

Ad Rates

CPM: Cost Per 1,000 Impressions

Manage all your direct deals
from one spot

Easily manage and modify all your campaigns
with Ezoic's ad optimizations in the background