Content Month Sweepstakes

Content Month

The Content Month Sweepstakes will run from August 1 – 26. Each week, there will be new
chances to enter and win new prizes, along with a grand prize at the end of the month.

Mouse over the boxes below for details on entering and prizes.

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Each participant will receive one entry per eligible event or download. The more you participate, the more times you’ll be entered. See below for which events or downloads are eligible for entries.

More Details
The Content Month Sweepstakes will run from Monday, August 1, to Friday, August 26. There will be prize drawings each Friday of August for weekly prizes, and a grand prize drawing at the conclusion of the month.
Weekly Prizes
Hands Off Publishing Content Package
(10,000 words of content for your site)

Grand Prize
Your Niche Website Builders Package
(30,000 words of content for your site)

Be sure to attend the closing ceremony for a few surprises awarded to select Content Month attendees!

Sweepstakes official rules

Attend these events to enter the sweepstakes!

To enter the sweepstakes, simply attend eligible events, or download eligible
items below to automatically count as one entry.

Week 1:


  • 8/1: Attend the Welcome Webinar
  • View the How to Get As Much Revenue As Possible From Your Content Webinar
  • View the Content Monetization Webinar
  • View the Non-Ad-Related Income Streams course
  • 8/4: Attend the Affiliate Marketing Webinar

Week 2:


  • 8/9: Attend the Live Ask-Me-Anything Webinar on SEO
  • 8/10: Attend the Expert Discussion: Live Panel on SEO, Brand Building, Entrepreneurship, and More
  • Download the Quick SEO Wins Course
  • Download the Ezoic SEO Guide eBook
  • Download the Top SEO Tools You Need Infographic

Week 3:

Email & Social Media

  • 8/15: Download our CSS custom ad wrapper
  • 8/16: Attend the How to Create Quality Content: Research, Productivity, and Staying Focused Live Webinar.
  • View Chelsea Clarke’s recorded webinar, Email & Social Media Strategies to Grow Your Website
  • View recorded video, How to Use Your Social Media Followers to Increase Your Site Revenue
  • View recorded video, How to Build Your Email List

Week 4:


  • Download the Video Player Best Practices Sheet
  • 8/24: Attend the Weekly Walk Through Humix Webinar
  • 8/24: Attend the Video Strategies Webinar
  • Download the Printable Storyboard Template
  • Download the Camera Shot Cheat Sheet

Bonus Entries for Each week

Bonus entries will be counted automatically upon completion of the bonus goal.

Week 1 & 2 *

Have a site monetization score of 80+ by end of week.

For Access Now publishers: Have all three Ezoic badges by the end of the week.

Week 3 & 4 *

Share one of your “Ezoic Highlights” from your dashboard on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook and tag


New Customers

Sign up in the month of August and your entries will double.

*exclusive for current Ezoic customers