Ezoic Cloud

A lightning-fast cloud built to serve pages, ads, and content fast enough to pass Core Web Vitals.

Tuned For Core Web Vitals

Ezoic’s advanced Cloud was built to deliver ads and site pages server-side, ensuring the fastest response times and website loading available.

Core Web Vital Friendly ad performance
Server-side ad loading and bidding
Get rid of unneeded technologies, scripts, and plugins
Free for all Ezoic Monetization users

Innovative Security, Speed, and Safety

A cloud that includes leading security features needed by content publishers, proprietary edge performance similar to what is often referred to as “edge APO”, and protection against threats to website revenue

Closed Guard

DDOS protection and advanced site security

Ezoic Edge

Server-side edge delivery of ads and pages


Click-fraud, ad penalty, and bot protection

Ad Serving Without Ezoic Cloud

Visitor requests page, host responds, ads use javascript to call the ads, the ad call returns and the page loads

Server-Side Ad Serving via Ezoic Cloud

Visitor requests page and Ezoic Cloud responds with the page and ads allowing all the content to load for the visitor

Accept No Substitutes

A complete server-side solution that offers unparalleled performance for content publishers

The Fastest Ads

Ezoic Cloud integration enables Ezoic Monetization to serve display ads using cutting-edge server-side technology

Made for SEO

Core Web Vitals and key UX metrics are near impossible to achieve without Ezoic Cloud when serving ads, video, and more

AI Protection

Protection from hackers, fraudsters, and bots powered by Ezoic’s Intelliprotect ensures safety from modern attacks

A Competitive Advantage For Ezoic Websites

Serve Leap-optimized pages and Core Web Vital Friendly ads in a single request to give your site an unprecedented advantage