Big Data Analytics for complex data

Make informed decisions with a comprehensive analytics tool

Maximize your website's revenue and enhance user experience with Ezoic's analytics. Big Data Analytics provides a variety of reports so you can be confident with your actions.

"Ezoic Big Data Analytics has the ability to link income to everything on the site - with every article or ad placeholder on any page. It is simply unrealistic to carry out such a volume of work manually."

Yoann Bierling
- Yoann Bierling |

Dynamic reports & interactive capabilities

Revenue Performance

Easily keep track of all factors that impact your bottom line

UX and Audience Insights

Better understand how your users interact with your website

SEO and Engagement

Ensure your content and on-page SEO tactics are optimized

Live data charts for up-to-the-minute insights

Quickly access the data you need to holistically understand your site performance as well as identify new opportunities

Transparent Ad Reporting

Dive into the specifics of revenue changes, categorized by ad size, partner, and other criteria. Monitor your site's revenue in real-time as well.

Real Time Reporting

Learn the Value of SEO

Identify your most engaged visitors and measure the direct impact of SEO. You can track your top landing pages and see how users respond to your content.

Revenue by Topic, Word Count, Author,
and More

Our reports clarify the factors affecting revenue,
enabling effective business management