Generate Higher Revenue Than AdSense Alone

On average, sites double their ad revenue using Ezoic. Connect existing AdSense, use as AdSense alternative, or test both.

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Ezoic A.I. adds significantly more ad competition and auto-tests ad placements to optimize UX and revenue.

Drive Results With Innovative Tools and Features

“My website’s weekly revenue per visitor increased 260% in the last year thanks to Ezoic. “

– Yoann Bierling, Founder –

Improve UX and Site Speed vs. AdSense Auto Ads

“Keeping the user experience intact is what pushed me toward Ezoic. The features for site speed and data analytics are grossly underrated. Truly built for intelligent website owners.

– Anand Khanse, President & CEO

Free To Try. Easy To Test

No Credit Card or Payment Method Required. Learn about Ezoic pricing options.

No visitor requirements or limits, Ezoic is built to maximize ad revenue in ways AdSense cannot.

Less than 10,000 Visitors

More than 10,000 Visitors


access ad networks

Access all the top ad networks & partners


Allow A.I. to increase revenue, improve UX


Unlock premium benefits as you grow

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Set ad placeholders and Ezoic A.I. balances UX and revenue

machine learning for publishers

Ezoic adapts automatically to visitors the way advertisers do

intelligent ad strategy for websites

Your preferences guide Ezoic A.I. as it optimizes each visit

Ensures a site’s highest-earning potential is reached

Access to top-performing ad partners, connect existing ad networks, automate ad testing, and unlock other premium monetization solutions as you grow.

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Site Speed, Security, and UX

Optimize Core Web Vitals using Leap — a complete toolset — that identifies and provides all the tools needed to fix the source of slow page load times.

Speed-up ad loading, fix render-blocking CSS and javascript, and deliver your site to visitors faster regardless of who your host it.

Deliver sites instantly with a super-fast cloud built for publishers.

It includes Core-Web-Vital-friendly ad serving and advanced security features built for ad-serving sites.

Closed Guard Secure

DDOS protection and advanced site security

Ezoic Edge

Server-side edge delivery of ads and pages


Click-fraud, ad penalty, and bot protection

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Video & Media

Keep your audience and generate more revenue.

video player

Use video when and where it works best.

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Get your video discovered in search results

Ezoic Video

“I’ve been using Ezoic for years. When I first started, my revenue went up noticeably… years later, my traffic and revenue continue to grow. A true partner all the way.”

Dave Taylor,

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Begin using all Ezoic features free. Sites using Ezoic for Monetization never have to enter credit card or payment details.

How To Get Started

Setup is easy, secure, and requires no technical experience.

1. Create an Account

No credit card, no contract. Always starts with 30 days free.

2. Integrate with Ezoic

Three integration options & real humans available 24/7 to help.

3. Configure Features

This is where you get to play with settings & Ezoic’s advanced testing.