Ad Tester

Intelligent ads tailored via machine learning to individual users to maximize revenue and user experience

Machine Learning The solution for digital publishers who want their ads managed for them


The Data Collection

Analysis of site traffic and user patterns starts after integration

The Testing Period

Our system constantly learns the best ad dimensions and types

The Optimized Setup

Your site shows unique ad layouts for all of your visitors

Ad Position Testing

Visitor intent varies depending on a variety of factors (device type, geolocation, traffic source, etc). Serving the right ads at the right time for each visit enhances user experience and protects the value of your inventory long-term.

Device Type

Example: Desktop ads below images attract higher bids due to load visibility, while laptop top-of-page ads garner more bids

Solution: Ad Tester automatically optimizes ad sizes for maximum revenue across all device types

Ads by Location


Example: In the USA, 300x250 sized ads are popular, while 250x360 perform better in Sweden

Solution: Ad Tester adjusts ad sizes for optimal revenue and user experience based on the location and user behavior patterns of users around the world

Ads by Country

Traffic Source

Example: From newsletters to Pinterest content, the same user can interact with each platform very differently

Solution: Not all visits are created equal across traffic medians. Ad Tester ensures your ad layouts are optimized for each unique traffic source.

Ads by Devices

Ad Type Testing That Considers All Variables

Access a variety of ad formats and AI-driven approach to determing the optimal add experience through multivariate testing

Fewer and smarter ads,
means more money

Ad Tester takes the guessswork out of ad serving and guarantees you maximize your revenue