Ad Mediation

Technical documentation

Ezoic’s Ad Mediation works to ensure that you’re getting the highest bid possible for your ad inventory, boosting your sites CPMs.

What is programmatic advertising?

It is an automated form of ad buying and selling that allows for greater efficiency and specificity in the ad industry. Programmatic advertising composes the majority of digital ad spend because it consolidates and streamlines the process by including many different demand streams.

can i keep my existing ad partners?

Ezoic works with your existing ad partners. Ad mediation allows your existing partners to compete against Ezoic’s partners to help earn higher ad rates over time.

Who are ezoic's ad partners?

Ezoic gives publishers access to the 1,500+ advertisers and ad partners within Google AdExchange. We work with all leading ad providers and header bidders. We have a header bidding solution and proprietary yield optimization that ensures publishers are getting the highest bids for their ad inventory.

What is an ad network?

An ad server is an advertising technology that is used by both sides of the Lumascape. Advertisers and publishers use ad servers to manage and traffic online advertising campaigns. Ad servers in the modern era typically use a real-time bidding protocol for programmatic ad impressions from online exchanges and marketplaces. Both advertisers and publishers will still use an ad server to effectively deliver or measure a directly sold campaign that may be the result of an exclusive relationship.

Does Ezoic use ads.txt?

If you already have an ads.txt file and are nameserver or Cloudflare integrated, our system will detect that file and automatically append our authorized sellers. However, if you need to create an ads.txt file or have one and you are integrated with our WordPress Plugin, you can do so easily with Ads.txt Manager (, an Ezoic product). 

Where can I see the performance of the different ad networks on my site?

Ezoic allows you to track and report on the revenue earned from your ad mediation partners in the Ezoic reporting interface. This means that you’ll be able to see all your site’s ad revenue in one place and be able to better determine how your decisions are affecting increases in ad revenue.

Why am i still earning money in my adsense account?

When you link your AdSense with Ezoic, our ad partners and your Adsense account all compete against each other in real-time to earn you the highest ad rates. If your original AdSense account wins the highest bid against Ezoic and our partners, that money is deposited to your original AdSense account.

ex: Why did Ezoic pay me $500 and my AdSense has $60 dollars in it? On Ezoic’s site, it says “earnings” = $560. That $60 is from the times your AdSense account received a higher bid.

Can I run direct deals with Ezoic?

Yes. We have a direct deals app that allows seamless integration with existing direct deals with advertisers.

Does Ezoic offer PMP deals?

Ezoic’s ad meditation has over 400+ PMP (Private Marketplace) deals built into ad tester. These deals are automatically tested alongside the 1,500+ ad partners with Ezoic’s artificial intelligence software.

Do I have to sign a contract?

No. There are no contracts with Ezoic.

What is an ad exchange?

An ad exchange is a platform (aka digital marketplace) that facilitates the sale of advertising space from publishers to advertisers through real-time bidding. It enables advertisers and publishers to buy and sell advertising space, often through real-time auctions. They’re most often used to sell display, video, and mobile ad inventory.

What's an SSP (supply-side platform)?

An SSP is a software system that allows publishers to offer their available inventory to ad exchanges and demand-side platforms. Supply-side refers to the supply in physical advertising space, i.e. the space the publisher is offering.

What's a DSP (demand-side platform)?

A DSP is a system that allows buyers of digital advertising inventory to manage multiple ad exchange and data exchange accounts through one interface.