Access Now Setup Options

Ezoic’s Access Now program now offers a more automated setup process than ever before.

With Ezoic’s Automatic Setup option you no longer need to set up an ads.txt file, ad locations or consent management on your site, we’ll do all that for you!

What do the Setup Processes Look Like?

Manual Setup

Automatic Setup

Integrate your site
Sign up to Google Ad Manager
Create an ads.txt file
Set up ad locations
Set up consent management
Finalize your setup
Cloud Integrate
Sign up to Google Ad Manager
Let Ezoic do the rest!

With the Automatic Setup you can connect in as little as five minutes (before the Ezoic team complete the rest for you). You will also have the added assurance that your Ezoic setup is optimal.

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What to Expect

Here is just some of the differences you should expect to see depending on whether you choose the manual or automatic setup option

Manual Setup

Automatic Setup

  • Longer setup times
  • Manual configuration of ad locations
  • Setup driven by video tutorials and guides
  • Quicker setup times
  • Optimized ad location setup
  • Setup handled by Ezoic’s technology

See what publishers thought about the Automatic Setup:

I thought I’d have to complete a training course to set up Ezoic on my site. The automatic system meant I’d connected in five minutes. I’m now kicking back whilst the Ezoic Team do the rest for me and I can’t wait to get going!


  1. What happens if I choose the Automatic Setup?

With Ezoic’s new automatic setup option, you simply need to Cloud Integrate your site and apply for Google Ad Manager once you’ve signed up, Ezoic will handle the rest for you! 

  1. Is the Automatic Setup available to all publishers?

The Automatic Setup option is available to all Access Now publishers, though you must Cloud Integrate to utilize this setup path. 

  1. Can I use the Automatic Setup if I integrate via Ezoic’s WordPress plugin?

The Automatic Setup is not available to sites that integrate via the WordPress plugin. Plugin integration requires you to use the manual setup process.

  1. Once I have integrated and signed up for Google Ad Manager, how long will it take for Ezoic to finish the setup?

Once you’ve integrated and signed up for Ad Manager, it will take Ezoic on average three days to complete the setup. Note: Whilst Ezoic related setup steps will take around three days, Google approval (required for ad serving) unfortunately takes anywhere from 2-14 days.

  1. Do I still get access to support if I choose the Automatic Setup? 

Yes, you still get access to support (via if you choose the Automatic Setup. 

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