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Higher Earnings, The Best UX

No Compromise

Ezoic fuels website growth by unlocking high-earning ads and automatically optimizing the best UX for every visitor.

Earn More Without Sacrificing UX

Access all the highest-earning advertisers and optimize every visit using the world's most sophisticated, yet easy-to-use platform for ads.

Make Ad Networks Compete

Access all leading ad networks and exchanges and earn more as the competition drives bids higher.

Give Every Visitor A Better UX

AI tests and adjusts ad placements, sizes, and locations to maximize revenue and improve UX.

Take Back Control

Easily customize site monetization strategies inside ad settings and set preferences with drag-and-drop tools.

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Ezoic Ads Auto-Optimize Per Visitor

Take Control. Seize Every Opportunity.

Access all the major ad networks, exchanges, and advertisers. Run direct brand deals or have Ezoic's team bring them to you. Connect existing ad relationships and keep 100% of the revenue from these connections.


Turn Articles Into Video Using flickify

Turn your content into videos like magic. Quickly add music, images, and narration and amplify your content in seconds.

Create Video
Ezoic Humix

Upload & Monetize Videos On Humix

A video network like no other. Earn more, keep more, and open a new revenue stream by instantly adding video to your site.

Increase Views

Empowering Creator Growth

Join the 59,000+ sites getting ahead of the future with the most advanced website technologies for ads, SEO, content creation, and more

NicheIQ SEO keyword Research

NicheIQ seo tools
Combine Strategies For SEO & Revenue

  • Automate Topic Research
    NicheIQ finds and identifies topics and keywords for your site; displaying them by difficulty and profitability
  • On-Page SEO at LightSpeed
    Identify the SEO opportunities and pages that could bring the most revenue and traffic
  • Stay Ahead of Traffic Risks
    Analyze dashboards and diagnostics that highlight when page rankings and topics are going up or down
  • AI To Write & Improve Content
    Craft SEO-driven content for new articles or add content to existing articles using AI. Instantly edit, then publish
ezoic leap

Go Fast with Leap

Speeding up your site and pages simplified. Everything you need to pass Core Web Vitals in one convenient app.

Improve Scores
Ezoic Writio

10x Quality Content with Writio

A full writing team at your fingertips. Custom personas and AI writers make content creation a breeze.

AI Writing Staff

A Trusted Leader In Website AI

Trusted partner for top tech platforms and a leading technology for providers and creators

  • 59,000+

    Sites empowered by Ezoic technology
  • 1.7 Billion+

    Monthly pageviews
  • 40-50%+

    Average revenue increase for all sites
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Google Certified Publishing Parner
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