3 Ways Publishers Can Score Big With Our Recent $12.4 Million Customer Investment


We dropped some major news yesterday. In case you missed it, we announced a $12.4 million investment in our customers. You probably have questions, like how this investment will affect you and your success as an Ezoic publisher.

Our upcoming investment will have a huge range of benefits for our customers. We’ll be sharing all of the details next week during Customer Week, but here are some areas you can look forward to from our recent investment. 

  1. Revenue Incentives
  2. New products that will make your site work even better
  3. Customer Involvement Opportunities

So, read on for details on how you can score BIG through this investment.  

1. Revenue Incentives

Even though we are a technology platform that targets all aspects of your site’s health, we know that earning money can be huge in this digital ecosystem. Our announcements next week involve something key in growth: money! Next week we will reveal how you can take advantage of our latest investment We’ll let you know concrete plans we have to keep you growing consistently as a valued Ezoic customer.

No matter what size your site is, and how much revenue you’re getting now, we are committed to helping you grow. In addition to revenue incentives, we pride ourselves on being fair and transparent. During Customer Week next week, you will see how we are taking that commitment to new heights with new programs and advancement opportunities available to customers. We also will go into further detail regarding our highest revenue guarantee announcement, and what it means for you.

2. New products that will make your site work even better

We’ve steadily released products to our customers that do more to increase each site’s overall success. Not only do we want to help you earn more revenue, but we also want to help your sites stand out and be as high-quality as possible. This investment will continue to let us put money into products that will benefit our customers and their sites. 

Next week, you’ll learn about multiple updates to existing products and other brand-new products for your site.

At Ezoic, we focus on more than just your ad revenue. We offer a multitude of solutions that can impact your site’s success, like speed, user experience and so much more. 

3. Customer Involvement Opportunities

One thing we’re always trying to do is give our customers opportunities to get more involved and learn more about publishing. The new aspects that are going into our investment, have made it easier to get in touch with other Ezoic users and utilize the platform more thoroughly. 

We want to give you as much information as we can about the state of the online ad industry, as well as help you take full advantage of the plethora of options Ezoic has to offer. We’ll be increasing education and community building through new products, programs, and communities that we are looking forward to revealing more of next week.

Wrapping it all up

We’re really excited for our publishers about what’s coming out of this announcement. We hope you join us during Customer Week to receive all the details and learn how this investment can positively impact your business. 

For more information on what this announcement means for you, stay tuned for Customer Week, Sept. 13-17. You can follow updates on social media, subscribe to emails to receive the latest information, and sign up for our live webinars here.


By Linden O'Brien Williams

Linden is a former journalism graduate of the University of Missouri turned social media and content marketer. She speaks fluent English, Spanish, and French and is responsible for Ezoic social marketing strategies.