‘Tis The Adsense Season

Taking Advantage of Holiday Season Boosts from AdSense and other Network Advertisers

The holiday season is upon us, so here’s a little gift for you!


According to ShopperTrak, 7 out of the 10 busiest shopping days fall in the month of December. There are the days leading up to Christmas, including Super Saturday & Christmas Eve, and even the day after Christmas, where shoppers are out in full force. In November, there’s the infamous Black Friday and the relatively new “Cyber Monday”, a very popular day for online shopping and e-commerce.

With these days right around the corner and fast-approaching, you can be sure that the online retailers and advertisers have already prepared themselves for the deluge of heavy internet traffic that is on it’s way and are ready to spend. As a publisher have you done the same?

Nowadays, people are doing the majority of their shopping on their own computers instead of going to a mall. For this reason, advertisers are funneling their budgets more and more into online display advertising and impressions. Now more than ever, ad networks are willing to pay higher CPMs for an impression on your website in order to get a jump on their competitors during this busy season.

There’s a common misconception that only e-commerce sites do well during the holidays. Publishers believe that their site’s content or subject matter precludes them from such spikes in revenue and traffic. This simply is not true! November and December are peak season for both advertisers AND publishers. If you have a website, it’s a great time to improve your site in order to maximize your earnings. Just like all the retailers out there, you and your website should be prepared so you aren’t trampled by customers when the doors are opened!


You can’t rely on the same ol’ song and dance with this much on the line. It might make sense to get set-up with Google’s Ad Exchange or even try new, better performing ad positions and sizes before all the craziness. See what works and maximizes your revenue; it’s not too late!

For one, the Ad Exchange is better than traditional Adsense, as it provides a competitive marketplace where hundreds of different ad networks can compete for your inventory. If there are ad networks bidding in real time for each impression on your page, and those same ad networks (including Adsense) are now willing to pay more for that same impression. Since it’s December, you can imagine what the combination of a better ad network and higher CPMs from advertisers can do for your ad revenue!

Even better, optimizing your ad placements for the busy holiday season will position your site for continuing boosts in revenue even after it’s done. Ad testing is a way to keep your site fresh and successful heading into the New Year!

For more on ad testing and its benefits, head to www.ezoic.com. And Happy Holidays from everyone here at Ezoic!

Going Steady With Ad Testing

So you’ve started testing elements on your site, and you aren’t sure what to make of the results after a few days.  It can often feel like a lot of change all at once.  Sometimes you might ask yourself – is it even worth it?

Here’s my advice on how to get the most out of testing (what we’ve learned from talking to hundreds of publishers).  You’re not alone!  There are many who have done the same thing, and stuck with it – and even transformed their incomes (and lives) from using these methodologies:

1. Keep calm.


No experiment is fool-proof. While data-driven results give your website the best chance for success, there isn’t a quick and easy way to maximize your revenue overnight. Things rarely change that quickly, so why should you expect your ad revenue to be any different?  

Ezoic optimizes on a per user and per case basis. No two websites are the same, and the system takes this into account during optimization. Sometimes, it can take weeks for the system to settle in, and really get find a groove. It’s rare, but if the data isn’t pouring in, it’s hard for the system to make statistically relevant decisions on what is working, and what is not.

Try not to jump to conclusions, and get carried away too easily. Remember that testing is a process, and patience is key!  You have no clue what could be in store for your website until you give the change a chance.

2. Communicate.

upload (1)

Successful relationships (both business and personal) are built around openness and honesty. If you don’t express your concerns, they will most likely go unnoticed– especially in the digital age. You can’t read body language over an email!

If something is not right, do not hesitate to reach out to your company rep (whether that be Ezoic or whoever it is you’re using).  They’re going to be able to help you dig in and work through your testing goals and find out what is happening, and how things are going.  Things can be changed and improved upon, so be sure to vocalize things explicitly and be transparent.

Ups and downs are common especially early on. There might be some adversity along the way, but it’s always better to have someone to share things with; it will help you weather what might feel like a storm!

3. Commit!

upload (2)

By giving testing a shot, you need to be brave and embrace change.  It’s awesome to try new things! Change is good for you and your users.  So whether you’re only testing ad locations/sizes or colors, or if you’re going all out for full layout testing – putting yourself ‘out there’ will give you results much quicker than playing it safe.

That said – make sure you go at a pace you’re ok with (only test the traffic percentage you’re happy with).  One of the main problems with the world of online advertising / publishing is that we are never quite sure what is next.  Who knows what’s in store for the future of the online publisher? All we can do our best to deal with the present, and prepare for the future.

That’s why it’s more important than ever to not only stay ahead of the curve, but to also make the right choices for you and your site.

With Ezoic, you have a partner that can help anticipate what’s next, and know the next move. We’re here for you, and constantly adapting the system for any changes that we see on the horizon.


You can learn more about Ezoic here.

3 Ways Publishers Sell Themselves Short

1. Not allowing competition


Often, I hear from publishers who have become frustrated with Adsense or their other ad networks. They feel that their site should be making much more, and they are not getting compensated fairly.

Publishers put a lot of time and effort to make their sites the best that they can be. It’s only fair that they should be rewarded for all their hard work and time. No one likes making less than they deserve. But in life, we never get what we think we deserve. Instead we only get what we have the leverage to negotiate!

Publishers need leverage and competition to get the best prices. If you let ONE entity control the inventory on your sites, you will surely be ripped off (in some capacity).

That’s where the ad exchanges comes into play. In ad exchanges, different ad networks are allowed to bid on your inventory in real time. Therefore, advertisers who want to pay more will, but they will have to pay more than their competitors! This environment breeds competition, which drives up the price of your inventory, and makes all these ad networks compete for YOU, instead of the other way around.

2. Staying too complacent


Right now, everything may be going great for you. So why change a good thing?

The thing is, we know that the online landscape is constantly in flux. User preferences change, not to mention the technology! It seems that every day there is a new phone out there, or a new operating system update.

In order to maintain your site’s success, not only do you have to be up to date, but you have to be aware of the what’s coming next! For every success story out there, there are even more people who came up short doing the same thing. This isn’t necessarily because they were bad at what they did. In fact, it’s probably the contrary. The real problem was that they didn’t remain “fresh”.

If you don’t stay ahead of the curve, you are sure to be left in the dust!

3. Not letting the experts do their jobs!


Some call it stubbornness, but that seems harsh. Let’s just say, some people can be difficult. You know the person. They know can do everything better than you, and they know everything about everything.

However, in the online advertising world, I can see why some are like that. A lot of publishers have built their sites from the ground up. They got no help from others, so when someone comes along looking to “ride their coattails,” they are skeptical (and rightfully so).

But there comes a point where it’s time to hand over the keys to someone else. In intro economics classes, you learn about the idea behind specialization & delegation. Sure, you can do everything yourself, but when isn’t it worth it anymore?

If your car is broken, do you try to fix it yourself, or take it to a mechanic? What about if your pipes are clogged? Do you call start messing with things them yourself and try to learn “on the job”?

Maybe it’s time to just focus on what you are good at, and let others do what they are good at! You may want to have a person who works specifically on the code of your site, and another person who works with the advertising. There are skilled and qualified individuals out there who can actually help; you just have to let them!


For more check out the Google Certified Publishing Partner page.


AdSense vs Google Ad Exchange

5 reasons to get started with Google Ad Exchange (ADX) / Ezoic

Ezoic is a Google Certified Publishing Partner.  As part of this exclusive program, our system gives you access to Google’s Ad Exchange which, combined with Ezoic’s ad tester and other products, help thousands of publishers take advantage of improved ad income and better usability.  So why try Ezoic / ADX?  What makes it better than AdSense, or using other ad networks?

adx logo




Here are 5 reasons why you should get started using Ezoic/ADX:

1. No Cost & Easy to sign up.

If you have an AdSense account – it’s easy to apply to ADX via Ezoic.  Once approved by Google – you can immediately start testing with Google Ad Exchange ads!  You can create an Ezoic account for free here.

By signing up to use Google Ad Exchange using Ezoic, you are not committing to anything permanent.  There is no revenue share (Ezoic does not take a revenue share for this access to ADX).  You can stop using Ezoic / ADX at any time and there are no contracts.  Ezoic makes it easy to get started, but also easy to quit too.  We’re so confident that you’ll get value out of this system, we give a 30 day free trial and there after, we charge by showing an Ezoic ad (which the system keeps the money from).  This is in effect a dilutive charge, but because most publishers are making far more using Ezoic vs AdSense, they see the system as essentially paying for itself.

2. Five ads per page (ADX) vs Three ads per page (AdSense). 

Google AdSense program policy restricts  publishers to 3 display ads per page.  If you’re using Ezoic ad tester, you can show up to 5 Google display ads per page.

3. Ad Exchange gives you access to thousands of CPM ad networks (including AdSense!). 

Firstly – it’s important to understand what Google’s ad exchange is.  ADX is Google’s real time bidding environment for your ad inventory.  Each ad is sold in a lightening-fast auction, so you get the best price for every ad you sell via the exchange.  Putting your ads up for auction is a far more efficient method of monetizing ad inventory than the old way of giving all your ads to just one ad network (who would most likely just auction off what they cannot sell themselves anyway).  AdSense is undoubtedly the biggest ad network in the world.  So having AdSense ads compete for each ad impression (against other advertisers), is better than running AdSense on it’s own.  Creating a bidding war for high value users means you get the right price for your ads and don’t miss out.


4. Ezoic’s machine learning system handles ADX optimization for you.  

It’s not enough to just ‘get an account’ and plug ADX into your site.  ADX is a dynamic environment and needs to be managed and optimized continually.  Our proprietary machine learning optimization system with works in unison with ADX and other ad exchanges for display, in-line and native ad types.  Ezoic uses complex pattern recognition algorithms and computational learning to take ADX to the next level.  

Ezoic is all about technology.  We don’t do things manually.  We like to figure out what works and then apply to to all the sites that use our system.  It’s compounding the benefits for everyone.  So we have built systems and methodologies that give you the very best that real time bidding has to offer.  Our system optimizes the auction of each ad on each page – by device – so you don’t have to.  You get all the benefits of Google’s Ad Exchange (ADX), without the effort.

5. Ad Testing –  New ad combinations can increase ad income by 300%!

Having better priced (eCPM) ads from ad exchanges like ADX is only half the story.  You need to continually test combinations of ads on the page and their effect on user experience.  Testing by device size and by ‘session income’ (epmv) to see what works best is best.

Ezoic’s ad tester product does this all for you.  Set up correctly, it will test myriad ‘potential’ ad positions (20-40 on a page, but only ever showing 5 display ads per page maximum) and finding better and better ad combinations for desktop, mobile and tablet.  It’s all about the math – just give the system plenty of ad placements and the opportunities for multiple big wins goes up!  Using Ezoic Ad Tester in combination with ADX will give you the results you’ve been looking for with very little effort.

Why test ad positions?   We could write a whole article just on this point, but it’s all about revenue per visitor.  Many publishers fail to understand that all ads dilute one another.  If you overload a site with too many ads, or with miss the fact that one ad is killing the income of another (higher achieving) ad, you will fail to achieve maximum income from the visitors who come to the site.  Ezoic ad testing technology works out which ads should go where and in what combination.

By combining super-optimized ad exchange ads with and better and better ad combinations per visitor session – Ezoic unlocks the revenue potential of any AdSense site.

example ad placements

Who’s buying your ads? (A list of Ad Networks who bid in Google’s Ad Exchange – ADX)

Who’s bidding in Google’s Ad Exchange (ADX)?

adx logo

Did you know that thousands of ad networks bid for ad inventory in Google’s Ad Exchange every day?


We get asked this a lot.  Who is bidding in Google’s Ad Exchange?  Is it all just advertisers? Do ad networks get their ad inventory in Ad Exchanges?  How about other ad exchanges like Open X?  Do ad networks buy ads there too?  In short, people want to know who’s buying their ads…

Who’s buying your ads?

The easiest way to tell you who’s buying your ad inventory is to show you.  So, here is a partial list (below) of the ad networks currently bidding for Ezoic Publisher Partner ad inventory via ADX and other ad exchanges.  As you can see – this is a healthy ecosystem!  And it’s an ecosystem that includes ad agencies, ad networks, advertisers, bidding tools, direct advertisers…. and changing all the time and requires constant attention (this is just a snapshot – this list will already be out of  date by the time you read this, but it at least gives you an idea of who’s in the market!).

Why do Ad Networks buy ad inventory?

That’s easy – it’s so they can sell it along to advertisers at a profit.   Back in the old days (10 years ago), Ad Networks used to ‘represent’ their publisher’s inventory to ad agencies and sell campaigns (I should know! I used to run an ad network in a previous life :-).  But these days, ad networks are selling a few ads and then passing along the ads to ad exchanges.  They cherry pick the best ads for their direct deals, and supplement the ad inventory of their contracted publishers with ads from good quality sources that they buy from ad exchanges.  Why do they do that?  Because it’s an easy way of making a profit and if they are under achieving on an ad campaign they have sold to an advertiser, they can easily fulfill it by topping up on good quality ads by buying more ads from ADX.  Makes sense?  But they are taking a cut of everything they handle… so in effect, ad networks have become brokers of ad inventory.   Nothing more than another unnecessary link in the value chain…

If you have good quality users – you should get the best price the market can give you – with as few intermediaries as possible.  Ad networks want to sell more ads and if you have what they are looking for at the right price, they will pay for it.  That’s because what advertisers really want is quality.   Quality ad inventory is having ‘good users’ who are engaged with the content.  Your site’s ads are of interest to ad networks and other bidders because your users are actually engaged with the content and when they click on ads – they are ‘good’ for the advertiser.

How Ezoic ‘curates’ your ad inventory

Ezoic is a Certified Publishing Partner with Google.  That means that our system connects your ad inventory with Google and handles multiple layers of ad management for those publishers that use our system.   This is about as close as you can get to the real value that can be achieved by an ad exchange (without actually being Google!).   Having 3 more intermediaries in the mix – reselling your inventory and taking a cut used to mean you’d get poor quality ads and a poor payout!  This is no longer the case thanks to the emergence of the ad exchange over the ad network.

Ezoic works out the price it should charge for every ad – at all times of the day.  This is because the greater the bid pressure it can achieve and the more bidders there are for Publisher inventory – the better the price!  It’s a finely tuned balancing act and luckily for our publishers – it’s all automated by Ezoic’s proprietary machine learning technology.  Let the ad networks compete!

Take a look at the list below and imagine trying to do a manual ‘ad tag waterfall’ for all these ad networks.  Or, even worse, attempting to do ‘deals’ with all of them one by one and work out a rev’ share with each one!

The List

This is why Ezoic takes advantage of every innovation and complication in the ever changing market.  We are huge fans of real time bidding and programmatic buying and selling.  It amazes me that some publishers are Ad Network Loyalists…  There is no need any more for sales people to be selling your ads to ad agencies by fax.

Why have one ad network, when you can have them all? (sign up to Ezoic/ADX!)
Here are some of the Ad Networks who bid for inventory via the Ad Exchanges we use for our partners (including ADX).  AdSense isn’t on the list, but they account for more than 60% of all bids in Google’s ad exchange.

1020 Inc, dba Placecast
12Mnkys GmbH
2KDirect Inc.
33Across Inc.
33Across Inc.SSL
4WMarketPlace Srl
A6 CorporationSSL
AMoAd, Inc.
AOL Inc.
AOL Advertising.comSSL
Adap.tv Inc. (AdWords/YouTube)SSL
Adap.tv Inc. (AdX)SSL
Adtech US Inc.SSL
Convertro IncSSL
ARC Media GroupSSL
Aarki, Inc.SSL
Abudantia LLC
Accordant Media LLC
Action Exchange, Inc.
Active Agent AG
Active AgentSSL
Acuity Ads Inc.SSL
AdBroker GmbH
AdElement Media Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
AdElement Media Solutions Pvt LtdSSL
AdGear Technologies Inc.SSL
AdGibbon BVSSL
AdHui.com LLCSSL
AdJuggler Inc.SSL
AdKeeper Inc.
AdLantic Online Advertising BVSSL
AdMaxim LLC
AdMovate, Inc.SSL
AdNear Pte. Ltd.
AdNear Pte Ltd.
AdPilot sp z o.o. S.K.A
AdRepublic B.V.
AdRiver Limited Liability Company
AdRoll, Inc.SSL
AdSniper LLC
AdSpirit GmbHSSL
AdTheorent, Inc.
AdVentori SASSSL
AdYapper, Inc.SSL
Adacado, Inc.SSL
Adara, Inc.
Adara MediaSSL
Opinmind Inc
Adbalancer EDV-DienstleistungsgesellschaftgmbH
PK Online Ventures Limited
AddThis, IncSSL
Addictive Mobility
Addictive Tech Corp.SSL
Addroid Inc.SSL
Adelphic Inc.
Adform DSP
Adinfinity Pty Ltd.
ViziAds for Advertisers
Adition technologies AG
Adledge SASSSL
Admedo Ltd – United Kingdom
Admotion USA Inc.
Admotion USA Inc.SSL
Adnet Media
Adnetik Inc.
Adnologies GmbHSSL
Adobe Systems Inc.
Adperium BVSSL
Adscale GmbH
Adsfactor LimitedSSL
Adsit Media Advertising Ltd. Co.,
Adsit Media Advertising Ltd. Co., (AdMan)
Adtelligence GmbH
Advanse Ads
Advanse LLC
Adventive, Inc.SSL
Adverline SASSL
Advertising Technologies LTDSSL
Advertising.com Dynamic RetargeterSSL
Adviator DSP
Adyard GmbH
Adzerk Inc.SSL
Affiliate WindowSSL
Affilinet GmbH
Airpush, Inc.
Aitarget LLCSSL
Ajillion Max LtdSSL
Alenty S.A.SSSL
AlgorithMedia S.r.l.
Alliance Health Networks, LLC
Alliance Internet
Alliance Internet (ntree)SSL
Amobee d/b/a Gradient X, Inc.
Adconion Media GroupSSL
Amobee Inc. d/b/a Gradient X
Amobee Inc. d/b/a Gradient XSSL
Answer Media, LLCSSL
AppLovin CorporationSSL
AppNexus Inc
AppNexus IncSSL
Appier Inc.SSL
Appreciate Ltd.
Apsalar, Inc.
Ara Labs Security Solutions Inc.SSL
Aranet Inc.
Arbigo Inc.SSL
Asda (CDN)
Audience Trading Platform LTD
AudienceFUEL, Inc.
Audiencevalue Pte Ltd
Authenticated Digital IncSSL
Auto360 Pty Ltd
Automobile Ltd.
Avail IntelligenceSSL
Avazu Inc.SSL
Avocet Systems Limited
Beijing Oasis Technology Co. Ltd (Mjoys)
Baidu.com Times Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd
Banner Play LTD
Barons Media LLC
Batch Media GmbHSSL
Beijing Emar Online
Beijing Emar Online Technology Co.,Ltd
Beijing LangTaoJin Interactive Co., Ltd
Beijing NetEase YouDao Computer System Co., Ltd.
Beijing PageChoice Network Technology co., Ltd.
Beijing PinYou Interactive Information Technology
Beijing WuShuang Technology Ltd.
Beijing WuShuang Technology Ltd. (AGrant)SSL
Belboon GmbHSSL
Betgenius Limited (Connextra)
Betgenius LimitedSSL
Between Digital
Between Digital dba Intency DSPSSL
Bidlab Sp. z o.o.SSL
Bidstalk Pte Ltd
Bidstalk Pte LtdSSL
Bidtheatre ABSSL
Big Mobile Group Pty LtdSSL
Bigpoint GmbHSSL
Bilendi SASSL
BlisMedia Limited
Brandscreen Inc.SSL
Bridgewell IncorporatedSSL
Broadband Enterprises
Burst Media LLC d/b/a AdConductor
BuySellAds.com Inc.SSL
BuzzCity Pte Ltd
C2B S.A. – NetAffiliation
C3 Metrics Inc.SSL
CJSC “Modern Advertising Technology”
Canned Banners LLCSSL
Caraytech S.A. (e-Planning)
Celtra Inc.SSL
Centro Canada Acquisition Company dba SiteScout
SiteScout RTBSSL
Chango Inc.SSL
Channel Factory, LLCSSL
ChannelAdvisor UK Ltd.
Chartbeat IncSSL
Chitika Inc.SSL
Choicestream Inc.
ClickDistrict Holding BV
Platform 161SSL
Clickagy, LLCSSL
Clickky LLP DBA Clickky
Cobalt GroupSSL
Codigo Barras Networks, SL – Other – (Shopall)
Cognitive Match LimitedSSL
Cogo Labs, Inc.SSL
Collective Media LLC
Communication Services Tele2 GmbH
Compete, Inc
Ad Impact:Behavior (Compete No-Pixel Study)
Ad Impact:Survey (Compete No-Pixel Study)
Ad VRF (Compete Pixel Study)
Comune SASSL
Connexity LLCSSL
Constant ContactSSL
CJ Affiliate by ConversantSSL
Conversant Ad ServerSSL
Conversant CRMSSL
Conversant MediaSSL
Conversant Mobile MediaSSL
Conversive BVSSL
ConvertMedia Ltd.SSL
ConvertStar Incorporated (dba: Go2mobi)
ConvertStar IncorporatedSSL
Core Audience, Inc
Crimson Tangerine LTD.
Crisp Media Inc.
CrossInstall, Inc
CrowdMob Inc.
CyberAgent, Inc.
CyberAgent d/b/a Dynalyst
CyberAgent d/b/a GameLogicSSL
D.A. Consortium Inc.
D.A. Consortium Inc. (EffectiveOne)SSL
D.A.Consortium Beijing
D.A.Consortium Beijing (Platform One China)
D.G.T.L. Media Pvt. Ltd.
DC Storm Ltd.SSL
Data Artist., Inc
Data Artist Inc.,SSL
DataPoint Media Inc.
DataXu Inc.
JasperLabs Inc.SSL
DataXu Inc.SSL
Datalicious Pty LtdSSL
Datamind Effective MediaSSL
Dedicated MediaSSL
Dell Inc.
Delta Projects AB
Demand Side Science, Inc.SSL
Demandbase Inc.SSL
Dennoo Inc.SSL
Devego S.A.
Jampp/Devego S.A.
Digital Control GmbH & Co. KG
Digital Control GmbH (Advolution)SSL
Domain Holdings Group, Inc. DBA Bidtellect
Domino’s Pizza Group – United Kingdom (Dominos)
Dominos UK (Mediaplex Infrastructure)SSL
Double Positive Marketing Group Inc.
DoubleVerify Inc.SSL
Dun and Bradstreet CorporationSSL
Dynamic Video LLCSSL
Dynamic Yield
E-Plus Mobilfunk GmbH & Co. KGSSL
EASYmedia Gmbh
ESV Digital
Ebuzzing Luxembourg SA
Education Management CorporationSSL
Effective MeasureSSL
Emediate ApS
Emego GmbH
Emerse Sverige AB
Encore Media Metrics LLC
Encore Attribution PlatformSSL
EngageClick Inc
Epayments Affiliates Limited
Ambercrow (Epayments)
Epigrams, Inc.
Eprofessional GmbHSSL
Essence Digital
Eulerian Technologies SARLSSL
EuroAds Group A/SSSL
Exactag GmbHSSL
Expert Advertising Solutions, LLC DBA AdShuffle
Explido Webmarketing GmbH
Action Allocator
Exposebox LtdSSL
ExtendTV, Inc.
ExtendTV Inc.SSL
ExtendTV, Inc.SSL
Extreme Reach, Inc.
Extreme Reach Digital (ER Digital)SSL
Extreme Reach, Inc.SSL
EyeReturn Marketing
EyeReturn MarketingSSL
EyeView Inc.
EyeView Inc.SSL
EyeView, IncSSL
F@N Communications, Inc.SSL
Facebook, Inc.
Atlas Media ConsoleSSL
Atlas Rich MediaSSL
Liverail Inc.SSL
Facilitate Digital Pty Ltd
Facilitate For Agencies (FFA)SSL
Fattext LLC (DBA Moolah Media)
Federated Sample
Fiksu, Inc.
Fjord Technologies S.A.S. (Tag Commander)
Fjord Technologies S.A.S.SSL
Flaminem Inc
Flite Inc.SSL
Forbes Media LLC
Forensiq, LLC
Fractional Media, LLC
FreakOut Inc.SSL
FreeBit Co.,Ltd.
FreeBit Co. Ltd.SSL
Fringe81 Inc.SSL
Fuel451, Inc.
Fuel451, Inc.SSL
FullSpeed Inc.SSL
Fusebox Inc.
Fvrier 46 SAS (Kpsule)
GET IT Mobile, IncSSL
GeeeN, Inc.SSL
AdOcean LtdSSL
Genie Group Limited
GfK Custom Research
GfK nurago GmbHSSL
Ghostery EnterpriseSSL
Global Market Insite Inc.SSL
GoldSpot Media IncSSL
Goodway GroupSSL
Google, Inc.
Adometry by GoogleSSL
Channel IntelligenceSSL
DoubleClick Bid ManagerSSL
DoubleClick Bidder Pilot for NetworksSSL
DoubleClick Campaign ManagerSSL
DoubleClick Rich MediaSSL
DoubleClick for Publishers PremiumSSL
Youtube, LLCSSL
Gravity Research and Development Zrt.
Gravity Research and Development LTDSSL
Gravity4 Inc.SSL
Gruvi Ltd.SSL
Guangzhou Shunfei Infomation Technology Corporatio
HangZhou Qiguan Network Technology Co., Ltd.
Hi Media SAS – France
Hitokuse Inc.SSL
Hostway Corporation (dba Affinity)
Affinity Hostway Corporation
Hottraffic BV
DMA Institute dba HottrafficSSL
Hotwords Informao LTDASSL
Hurra Communications GmbH
Performance Display AdvertisingSSL
HyperAdvertising Ltd
IBM Digital AnalyticsSSL
IF Performance Marketing Ltd.SSL
IZP (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd.
??DSP(IZP Technologies)
Ibibo Group Private LimitedSSL
IgnitionOne T/A AdJug Ltd.
IgnitionOne, Inc.
Netmining LLCSSL
Immedium, Inc.SSL
Impact Engine Inc.
Impact RadiusSSL
InMind Opinion Media LTD
InMind Opinion MediaSSL
InRadio dba AdPredictive
Indie Global LLC
Indie AdsSSL
Infectious Media Ltd.SSL
Innity Singapore Pte Ltd.SSL
Innovid Inc.
Innovid Inc.SSL
Ignite NetworksSSL
InsightExpress LLCSSL
Integral Ad Science, Inc
Campaign MonitorSSL
Causal ImpactSSL
Intent MediaSSL
Intercept Interactive Inc. dba Undertone
Legolas Media Inc.SSL
Undertone Ad System (UAS)
Undertone Ad System (UAS)SSL
Intergi LLC dba PlaywireMedia
Internet-Media LLC
Interpols Network Incorporated DBA Interpolls
Interrogare GmbHSSL
Interworks media, Inc.
Intomart GfK bv.
Intomart GfK (GfK Daphne)SSL
Intuitive Search Technologies
Intelligent Reach (Intuitive Search Technologies)SSL
J.D. Power
J.D. Power O2OSSL
Jivox Corporation
Jivox CorporationSSL
Joystick InteractiveSSL
KAIZEN platform Inc.SSL
KPI Solutions Co.,Ltd.SSL
Kantar SAS
Kantar World PanelSSL
Kavanga LLCSSL
Kimia Solutions SL
King.com Limited
KliKKicom OySSL
Knorex Pte. Ltd.SSL
Komli Media Inc
Komli Media Inc.SSL
Koninklijke Luchtvaart Maatschappij N.V.
Kwanzoo Inc.SSL
Kyocera Communication Systems Co. Ltd.
Kyocera Communication Systems Co. Ltd.SSL
LINK Marketing Services AGSSL
LLC “Life Style”
LLC “Life Style”SSL
LLC SB-Dealer
LOKA Research inc.
LSi – Lionsoft Studios, spol. s r.o.SSL
LTD “Mobile Innovations”
Leger MarketingSSL
LifeStreet Corporation
LifeStreet CorportationSSL
Liftoff Mobile, Inc.
Lincoln Technical Institute, Inc.SSL
LinkedIn CorporationSSL
Content Directions, Inc. dba Linkstorm
LiquidM Technology GmbH
Liquidus Marketing, Inc.
Lively Impact Technology Limited
Locon Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
Logly, Ltd.
LoopMe Ltd
LucidMedia Networks Inc
LucidMedia Networks Inc.
MBR Targeting GmbhSSL
MBuy, Inc.SSL
MLN Advertising, Inc.
Macromill, Inc.SSL
Madeleine Mode GmbH
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Google Certified Publishing Partner

Google has been making a lot of changes recently.  A new holding company, new logo and now rolling out a new publisher program. So what is the Google Certified Publishing Partner program?  What does it mean for publishers and, indeed, what does it mean for Ezoic and those other companies who have been lucky enough to get through the certification process and partner-up with Google.ezoic-logo-cppp

Well – firstly – the program is pretty self-explanatory.  The Google Certified Publishing Program was created by Google to help publishers get the most out of their websites.  Not all publishers have access to the expertise or tools required to run a website to it’s full potential.  Producing content online and making it work on all the devices available – with ads in the right places – isn’t as easy as it used to be.  Google has a reported 2m AdSense publishers, it’s hard for them to give all those people the attention and help that they need.  So, while there are great resources online like the AdSense Help Centre, – there is still the need for companies with technology and specialist expertise – to step in and give some extra help.   Becoming a Certified Partner wasn’t easy – and we’re glad to have been chosen and to have passed all the tests!

Ezoic obviously falls into the technology category (we’re not a consultancy), and we believe that we were chosen because we have an unrivaled software system for saving time, and making the most out of any site by testing what the users like best.  Testing ad positions and page layouts to see what works - builds usability and boosts ad income at the same time.  We believe that this is the most sustainable way of optimizing a site’s ad income.  ezoic gcpp certificate

Newly launched on 1st October 2015, Google has selected “Google Certified Publishing Partners” who are experts in (and tested on) Adsense, DoubleClick Ad Exchange (ADX), and DoubleClick for Publishers (DFP) products.  

So far, only a handful of worldwide companies have been selected based on their previous experience helping publishers with all kinds of things, like – ad revenue optimization, mobile testing, UX testing, or audience development.

Working with a Google Certified Publishing Partner provides our partner sites with valuable account management resources and (where selected), access to Google beta products as well. Specifically, our publishers work directly with online advertising specialists, all of whom bring their knowledge and experience directly to you.  And best of all – Ezoic technology does all the hard work, so you don’t have to.

So – we see this as just the beginning.  Ezoic has been lucky enough to be selected as a Google Certified Publishing Partner and we’re (rightly) proud to have made it through.  Ezoic might have the best track record in helping publishers optimize their user experience, revenue and traffic increases – but we’re upping our game with new products and better and better tools.

Right now, the average revenue increase for a publisher’s ad income is 2.4x AND a 40% increase in usability scores (things like bounce rates,  time on site and page views per visit).  We want to beat those numbers and carry on improving.  Whether your content is displayed on a mobile device or desktop, or in your site, or in an app – Ezoic technology will be there to help.

We look forward to working with you!



To learn about Ezoic and how it can improve your site’s success, head over to www.ezoic.com!


Adsense Policy

How to avoid an Adsense Policy violation the easy way

Have you ever gotten a Google Adsense Policy violation? When you are first implementing ads on a site, everything sounds so easy! However, you quickly realize that it can very complicated to keep your site compliant with Adsense policy. Everything is not necessarily black and white.

Publishers are not allowed to do this. They can sometimes do this, but only when they already don’t have that. Be sure that it works for this, but it will be a violation if it’s below that. Eventually you begin to lose track of what is allowed and what is not!

Complicating the matter even more is emergence of multiple devices and apps, all of which can run ads, but operate under their own set of rules. Optimizing your revenue, while still trying to keep your users and Adsense happy is not as easy as it once was!

The headache doesn’t end at implementation either. If a violation does indeed come your way, you will need to address it and fix it on your own. Unfortunately for a lot of publishers, they do not have the time or the resources to correct it with any sort of swiftness. This can leave your account suspended, and your earnings on hold!


Luckily for you, Ezoic can help.

As a Google Adsense Certified Partner, all Ezoic layouts are designed to be compliant with AdSense policies. This helps protects your site against AdSense violations for improper ad placements such having an ad to close to an image, content overlapping ads, and much more. Ezoic can essentially act as a shield for your site, which can help minimize the headache of trying to stay compliant with all of the AdSense policies on your own which means you can focus more of your time on your content!

Additionally, Ezoic also provides an ‘Objectionable Content’ filter. This filter will scan your pages for inappropriate content, whether it’s your own content or comments from your visitors, and exclude ads on pages that have such content. This safeguards your site and keeps it inline with AdSense content guidelines. Keep in mind that Ezoic doesn’t change your content, so you are still responsible for staying within the program policies set forth by AdSense regarding the site’s content. However, the objectionable content filter is an easy way to see which pages have inappropriate content so that you can either exclude the page from showing ads or clean it up to keep it compliant.

Ezoic can really save publishers a lot of time and stress in making sure that their sites will not be slapped with an Adsense Policy violation! To learn more, head over to www.ezoic.com!

For more info on AdSense program policies, check out this page: https://support.google.com/adsense/answer/48182?hl=en


What is Ad Blindness?

This is an issue that has developed into a topic of discussion for online publishers who have seen their online advertising revenue decline because their ads become ‘invisible’ to their users over time.  Google has written articles on the subject (*), so it’s obviously become a hot topic!  

So what is it and how do we tackle it?

Also known as ad awareness or ad blindness, or banner blindness or banner noise is where visitors to a website consciously or subconsciously ignore banner-like information.




Overcoming ad blindness is one of the keys to earning more revenue.  But it’s a balancing act between getting visitors to your site to see and interact with ads without ‘spamming the users out’, or drawing unnatural attention to ads (which is against Google’s terms of service),  or sacrificing overall usability.

One approach that has been tried over the last couple of years is placing ad units that are “flashy” in order to grab the attention of website users. Unfortunately, studies have shown that rather than improving clicks, the ads actually annoy users, reduce CTR, and increase the bounce rate in the long-run. Another approach that has led to negative long term results is an increased ad load per page.  While an increased ad load (the number of ads on a page) may increase revenue short term, an increased ad load is not sustainable in the long run as ad blindness starts to affect visitors who subconsciously learn to block out ads.

Long term, studies have shown that the best way to counteract user learning and reduce ad blindness is to continually test new ad placements and sizes for the screensizes that your visitors use to view your site. Without testing new ad placements and ad sizes to counteract user learning, long term revenue could not only decrease, but could potentially negatively affect user experience as well. Through continuous testing, publishers can test specific ad placements making sure the advertisements are being noticed while keeping an eye on specific user experience metrics such as bounce rates, time on site, and page views per visit. If users notice ads and don’t find the ad type/location to be bothersome, the end result is increased ad awareness, without the negative ramifications on overall site health.

Bottom line is – keep it fresh, watch your usability like a hawk and keep to the rules on where ads can and cannot go.


Ad Blocker Extensions & the Impact on Advertising Revenue

Apple recently announced that iPhones will now have an ad blocker extension on Safari, and if you’re like other publishers, you’re probably concerned that this will impact revenue for your site. This is a reasonable concern, but it’s likely that this won’t make a huge impact as you might expect.

Believe it or not, ad blocker extensions have been around for years with many browsers, including Chrome (which is Google’s browser), offering extensions for desktop. Even with these extensions available, the large majority of people on the Internet are not using these extensions, and only about 10% of all ads being blocked.

Worried about Apple making the ad blocker available on iPhones? Even though iPhones may be all the rage, a very small percentage of the world actually uses iPhones, with many of them opting to use other browsers besides Safari.

There is obviously a negative connotation involved with advertising when the topic of ad blockers come up. However, it’s important to realize that, in general, advertising is not a bad thing. People understand that ads are a way to support free content, and that the revenue generated often times supports a site’s hosting, pays for writers and supports the publisher. That publisher may have spent years working on the site – unpaid – to make the online resource available to the world.

A few things that may give you some comfort:

  1. Supply and demand will always drive price. If supply is restricted, advertisers will be forced to pay more for the ads. This will soften the blow of having fewer impressions (you’ll get paid more for them).
  2. Technology will provide an antidote to this issue. It might allow for advertisers to serve ads to very specific markets, or other innovations (your content becoming available in apps for example, which are not served in browsers). Whatever the future, you can rely upon the ever fragmenting browser/OS/Device landscape to make it hard for ad blocking to spread.
  3. There are signs that Ad Blocking companies are already doing deals to allow ‘certain ads’ through. This will weaken the whole concept of ad blocking at it’s core.
  4. Your site – no matter how small, is aligned with Google and Facebook and every big online company that depends upon ads to provide their service. If ad blocking ever seriously threatens their core business model – you can depend upon there being an industry response lead by those companies.

At the end of the day, advertising is what allows people to serve free content on the web. Will this issue go away soon? It’s unlikely. But does it spell doom for the Internet ecosystem as a whole?  Not at all.  With all problems come the seed of an opportunity. Who knows what benefits this technology could provide in the future?