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Everything you need to earn more and grow your audience

  • A network that reaches 1 billion people per month
  • Keep more of your earnings compared to other platforms
  • Expand your audience without impacting your current setup

Digital Publishers

Instantly add video and grow your traffic on your site

  • Rank in unified & video search
  • Increase traffic by 30%
  • Make extra ad revenue with in-stream & outstream playback

How to make money with Humix

The Humix Network

Your videos display across a network of sites that are matched to your content

Humix Network

Add your Videos

Upload your existing videos with a click and add them to your pages. Humix supplements your sites ads with in-steam and outstream video earning you more.

Import your videos
Higher earnings

Keep More Money

Stop giving your content away for free. You keep 50% of the earnings where your videos show and for videos you display on your site.

What's Included

Humix removes the barrier to growing and monetizing video easily

Your Channel

A channel dedicated to your content and brand. This digital space serves as a portal to your content and allows you to connect with the viewers and grow your audience.

The Humix Network

A network that reaches more impressions and views in a way that no other platform can. Your content is linked across an expansive network of publishers that recieves 1 billion impressions per month, opening a new way for your content to get more views and generate more money.

Helpful Integrations

Humix integrates with other platforms to make importing and adding video easy. Whether your importing your videos to enhance and grow your current audience or just starting out. Humix has everything you need to succeed with video.

Humix Player

The Universal Player displays and monetizes your content more efficiently, making you more money. The Universal Player intelligently manages in-stream and outstream video on pages where videos show to maximize revenue and viewability.

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Take back ownership of your content

Grow Faster, Earn More, Rank Higher