Corporate Social Responsibility

Ezoic is dedicated to social responsibility, community involvement, inclusivity, and empowering change. Caring beyond business goals to make real impacts is in our DNA

Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

Hoping to achieve a more sustainable future worldwide, the United Nations set 17 Sustainable Development Goals for corporations. SDGs are a call to action for all companies to use their resources to contribute to building a prosperous world for all people and the planet. Ezoic pledged to commit to Quality Education (SDG 4) & Climate Action (SDG 13)

Climate Action

Implementing small changes makes a big difference in reducing our carbon footprint

Our Actions

1. Reducing single-use plastic

2. Recycling electronic waste

3. Achieved net zero in 2021
& active member of TechZero

Ezoic Cares logo

Quality Education

Supporting local schools via STEM events and student hosting reflects a commitment to educational equality

Our Actions

1. Removing pageview requirements

2. Working with Girls Who Code

3. Offering free WordPress hosting
with Ezoic & tutorials

Charity Ads App

At Ezoic, making a difference means assessing corporate resources and how to align business goals with the two SDGs to which we committed. Ezoic’s unique resources? Global reach and advanced technology

Determined to make a profound impact, we invested those resources in a new feature—the Charity Ads app


Global clients and websites

1.2 billion+

Users served per month

Ezoic in the Community

Encouraged Volunteerism

Ezoic regularly hosts ways employees can volunteer and make a difference. Some events are reoccurring, such as blood drives, electronic waste recycling, and sustainable transportation days, while others are special events centered around the holidays or specific community goals

With offices in four different countries, we actively encourage our employees to spend time volunteering at a variety of nonprofits, regularly or on an occasional basis. Each employee gets an unlimited amount of paid volunteer time, no matter where they are located

Where do our Employees Volunteer?

While Ezoic partners with global charities & nonprofits, our employees ultimately drive our service-oriented spirit and dedicate their time volunteering regularly

Volunteer CSR

Ezoic Governance

Ezoic is committed to making employees feel important and like their voice is heard and valued. There are two significant practices that support these beliefs:

Employee Owned Logo

Everyone has a sense of ownership in the company — each employee is issued Ezoic stock within their first year of working

Self-Org Logo

We have implemented Self-Org — employees are empowered to take ownership of decision-making, vocalize ideas, and set change in motion

Interested in participating?

Please contact [email protected]