Ezoic Access Now

No Pageview Limitations

Ezoic Access Now fulfills the true vision for the Ezoic platform,
scaling our technology to make it available to all sites no matter their size.

Rapid setup in as little as 15 minutes!

    Take our Essentials Course to fully setup Ezoic in 15 minutes
    Take our optional monetization and speed courses to further educate yourself on Ezoic and unlock bonus features
    Begin optimizing your site with Ezoic

    Gain Access to Premium Ad Demand

    Be sure to read through our quick checklist to help you
    achieve proper setup and approval with Google Ad Manager.

    Grow faster with Ezoic’s ever-expanding technology:

    Gain access to top paying ad networks

    Placeholders and Ezoic AI balances UX and revenue

    Your preferences guide Ezoic AI as it optimizes each visit
    Boost Core Web Vitals and rank high in Google Search

    Access advanced tools which identify your site’s weaknesses

    Optimize CSS, JavaScript and more to improve User Experience
    Ezoic’s video tools host and monetize your video content all in one place

    Share your video content to boost revenue

    Industry leading technology converts your written content into videos
    SEO and Analytics
    Analyze data to help drive your site’s growth

    Use Ezoic’s SEO tools to find new topic suggestions for your niche

    Use Ezoic’s Site Health tool kit to identify broken links on your site

    Accelerated Support

    Program members get access to the Ezoic Community for accelerated support. Ezoic team members will be actively assisting you and other publishers as you work on setting up your site with Ezoic.

     I’ve really enjoyed my time in the Ezoic Access Now program thus far.  […] In my short time with Ezoic my traffic has increased by 2100% and my revenue by 1500%. I’m looking forward to continuing to work with Ezoic and look forward to what the future holds.

    Jeff at bluemonkeygaming.com

    Scaling income and success is truly possible with Ezoic and perseverance. The process with Ezoic was easy, and their resources and tutorials are excellent…. Their support and services is without a doubt top notch. If I have any regrets when it comes to Ezoic, the only one is that I should have done it sooner

    Cloud Integration

    Unmatched Performance

    Most popular and effective, Cloud Integration* provides access to all Ezoic tools at the server level. This means unparalleled revenue, user experience, speed, data insights, and security.

    *Cloud—name server or Cloudflare—integration = program eligibility.

    Continuous Education and Optimization Opportunities

    Monetization and Speed Courses

    Further educate yourself around monetization and speed to unlock additional features. By completing Access Now’s additional courses, you can begin to use new ad formats and have a site speed expert set up your site.

    Grow your Site Score

    Accelerate site performance through Site Scores, as Ezoic’s technology identifies monetization opportunities for your site!

    Access Now Resources

    See how these publishers have grown

    Read more about the experiences of Access Now publishers and the tools they used to grow their sites.


    What is the review process?

    Sites will be reviewed to ensure they comply with our Ezoic Ad Policy Requirements. While there is no pageview requirement, we do recommend that publishers have at least 500-1,000 visits per month to make it worth joining Ezoic Access Now.

    How long does the review process take?

    This is dependent on a few different things, but generally speaking the more traffic you have the quicker your review will be. Most sites are reviewed in 3 days or less, but some sites may take up to two weeks.

    Why should I put ads on my site now vs. waiting until it has more traffic?

    Even if your site has less than 10,000 visits per month, there are people accessing your content every day (that you have spent time and money to create). Even the smallest amount of ad revenue generated by this traffic can be reinvested into your website to accelerate its growth. With Ezoic always monitoring UX on your site, you can be confident ads won’t have any impact on your efforts to grow traffic.

    Do I need an AdSense account to use Ezoic?

    No. Ezoic does not require sites to have an AdSense account to use Ezoic, though you will need to be in good standing with Google (whether that means you have an AdSense account or have never created one). If you have an existing AdSense account, you can link it to Ezoic.

    How do I get support?

    Accelerated Support is provided through the Ezoic Community, where you can work with Ezoic Onboarding Team members to troubleshoot and optimize your setup. You can access previous posts from other publishers, or start a new thread with your questions. Our team members in the Ezoic Community are eager to help you!

    We also recommend bookmarking Ezoic’s Knowledge Base which has an abundance of helpful articles.

    What features do Access Now publishers have access to?

    By removing pageview limitations through Access Now, Ezoic is not just giving smaller publishers the opportunity to utilize some of Ezoic’s technologies. Rather, Access Now publishers have the opportunity to leverage the same tool sets that big name brands are using.

    Do I have to take courses?

    The only course required is the Essentials Course, which guides you through the onboarding and setup process in less than 15 minutes. Other courses are not required, but are highly recommended and unlock additional benefits.