Ezoic’s machine-learning technology provides features for uploading, testing, inserting videos on different pages, and indexing them in search engine results, earning you higher revenue from video views and more playbacks.

Publishers can choose where, how, and what type of videos appear on their pages. Simply upload video content, create a placeholder using the Ezoic Chrome Extension, and select preferences for which videos to display in the placeholder. Ezoic will then learn how to adapt to these preferences and display videos where they make sense.

Everything You Need for Video

Own your content

Keep your content your own by hosting it outside of third-party platforms. Never wonder if your content will be removed without your knowledge.

Get traffic from video

Ezoic makes it easy to have videos indexed in search engines, generating more traffic to publisher sites.

Maximize ad revenue

Monetizing video content outside of walled gardens produces significantly higher ad revenue on video.

Latest Features

Optimize your videos

Let Ezoic do the heavy-lifting and optimize your video ad inventory to maximize revenue, or fine-tune them yourself to ensure video ads display exactly as you want.

You are in full control.

Make it your own

Make your video player unique to your brand with styling options to stand out from the crowd. With more than 17+ million possible combinations and full control of how your player interacts with your users, the possibilities are endless.

Improve SEO

Ezoic’s Video Player improves user experience by learning who, what, when, and where video works best on a site, only implementing video when it matters, not when it doesn’t.

Ezoic’s auto-generated IAB categories help with content matching, boosting ranking for video searches.

Don’t roll the credits yet…we’re just getting started!

Performance metrics

Get at-a-glance information on estimated video earnings and video play count in the last 30 days. Compare day-to-day revenue and plays, or see month-to-month.

Import videos

Easily get your videos online. Directly upload your videos or a video batch from an MRSS feed, or import your videos through YouTube.

Batch edit placeholders

Update placeholders in batches for settings like device type, floating video services, floating video behavior, autoplay, looping, and ad settings.

Cross-domain access

Own multiple websites using Ezoic? Now you can share videos between your domains so you don’t have it reupload videos multiple times.

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