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Ezoic Learns, Sites Rank Higher

Test article title tags and Ezoic will actively optimize web pages to the top of search results.

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More Pageviews From Search

Automate title testing on articles to generate more organic visits from existing pages.

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See The Titles People Click

Ezoic’s Title Tag Tester makes optimizing CTR in search results easy, driving more traffic to web pages.

start now

In the Ezoic dashboard under the seo tab

1.) Login

Sign-in to your Ezoic account and navigate to the SEO tab at the top.

2.) Setup SEO

Connect Search Console and activate the Tag Tester feature to begin using the application.

3.) Pick URLs

Choose URLs to test alternative titles on and write variants for Ezoic to test.

4.) Optimize

Configure your testing preferences, start tests, and Ezoic will do the rest.


Increase In CTR

News Website

This news site tested 3 new title tags and saw CTR in search results improve +5x

Niche Info Site

This niche informational site increased pageviews to an article automatically by using Tag Tester.


Increase In Pageviews

Spots Higher In Rankings

Resources Site

This site that provides free web apps and resources was able to move up 5 spots just from title tag testing using Ezoic.

Interested in a walkthrough of how to set up Tag tester so that your site can improve organic traffic? View this guide on how to do it all yourself in less than 5 minutes!