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March 2019

March 2019 Update:

What’s new at Ezoic in February 2019?

Big Data Analytics

  • Content Age
    • For example: Word counts
    • More drill down features

New Site Speed Tools


Site Speed App


  • Critical CSS delivery
  • Lazy Loading images
  • Preview your website to ensure everything works properly
    • Activate it to begin making your site faster
    • More features will be added soon that should be easy to use and work for all sites
February 2019

February 2019 Update:

What’s new at Ezoic in February 2019?

  • New features:
    • Ezoic Site Speed Tool
      • Available at
      • Allows publishers to understand exact load times for every resource on the page
      • Offers advice and insights on how to cut down on page load times
      • Compares Ezoic version of the page to your original
      • Allows you to see who the culprits are for primary website slowdown
    • Big Data Analytics uses machine learning to provide faster reports
      • Big Data Analytics is now leveraging machine learning to better understand common usage to pre-load data and information
      • This means that reports are often being generated in the background to speed up load times when you request valuable data about things like engagement, pagespeed, EPMV, and more
  • PWA Converter app for WordPress users available now
    • Let account manager know or…
    • Contact for details on how to join the beta program
  • Upcoming events for Publishers:
January 2019

January 2019 Update:


1.) What’s new at Ezoic?

  • New features:
    • New drill down features inside Big Data analytics
      • You can now view revenue reporting hourly; not just daily. This is on top of the Real-time revenue reporting that allows you to revenue accumulating from visitors in real-time.
      • You can also dig deeper into geolocation reports to see how landing page content performs by the city.
      • We’ve also added the ability to drill down reporting in some other reports as well. This is something we intend to keep adding; allowing everyone to go deeper and deeper into any particular segment of data that they want.
    • The Community is now available in the main dashboard
      • Discuss topical publishing issues
      • Buy/sell sites
      • Classified listings for writers and freelancers
      • Publishers-only discussions
      • Coordinate content sharing or guest posting
      • Stay up on Ezoic updates and best practices
  • Q&A webinars coming at the end of the month
    • We’ve done these before and had them be very popular. We will soon begin them at the end of every month and will try to collect good questions ahead of time to drill into deeper.
    • If you have ideas about how we could make these more helpful, please let us know by contacting us @

2.) Ad Rates & Q1

  • What should publishers know about January and Q1?
    • Not only end of holiday season, but the end of the quarter, and end of the year!
      • This means lower ad rates as marketers slowly get back from the holidays and begin evaluating their Q1 budgets prior to launching new campaigns that drive up marketplace competition. Rates usually return to normal in February.
    • Traffic is affected and so is search behavior as well.
    • What to do about this???
December 2018

December 2018 Update:

Topic 1: What’s new at Ezoic

  • New features:
    • The “Community”
      • Available to all users that have been using Ezoic more than 45 days
        • Buy/sell sites
        • Classified for writers and freelancers
        • Publishers-only discussions
        • Coordinate content sharing or guest posting
        • Stay up on Ezoic updates and best practices
  • Other Updates:
    • You can now pull reports in Big Data Analytics based on author, publishing date, and category
      • Allows you to see dates, categories and writers that may be performing better than others
        • Engagement and EPMV
    • Always updating our machine learning for faster adaptation and better results

Topic 2: Ad Rates & Current Quarter

  • What should publishers be doing to take advantage?
    • More ad placeholders
    • Post seasonal content on Reddit, Quora, and other popular outlets
    • Increase traffic to Ezoic to take advantage of a more competitive environment this time of year
    • Tyler has a more in-depth video up on our channel about this.

Topic 3: Our featured best practice

  • The Caching App
    • A simple way to implement recommended caching and CDN settings on your website
    • Access to a free CDN and proper settings
    • Check your cache header settings to be sure you’re not overwriting the benefits
      • Check with your account manager if you’re not sure
November 2018

November 2018 Summary:

  • Segment 1: Welcome
    • Tyler welcomes and explains the show
  • Segment 2: Latest Ezoic updates
    • Shelby joins the show to discuss the most significant Platform Updates in the last 30-45 days
      • WordPress Integration – We now offer the ability for any WP sites to integrate onto our platform via a WordPress plugin. If you’re not already integrated with Ezoic, and you’re a WordPress user it’s an additional integration option.
      • Ads.txt Manager – You can easily manage, update, and maintain your Ads.txt. files with our Ads.txt. Manager tool.
      • Payment Receipt – You can download invoices from the payments page within your account
      • Big Data Analytics – We’re constantly adding new reports onto the platform that covers metrics from individual apps to page-level data
  • Segment 3: Q4 and Digital Publishing
      • Ohad joins the show to talk about what Q4 means for publishers. How to get the most out of this time of the year and what can be done using Ezoic to capitalize on this exciting time of year.
  • Segment 4: Best practice reminders
    • Jan joins to discuss why adding additional placeholders offers a big benefit to publishers using Ad Tester
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