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Ezoic for Project 24

Self-Serve Onboarding

Ezoic worked closely with founders, Jim and Ricky, to create an onboarding process that allows Project 24 members to use Ezoic without pageview limitations as long as basic ad policy guidelines are met. To help prevent thin content ad privacy violations and other challenges developing sites may experience, Ezoic and Income School generally recommend sites reach either 1,000 sessions or 3,000 pageviews per month before attempting to monetize a site.

Join Ezoic’s CMO, Tyler Bishop, and project manager, Amanda Brawn, as they walk through the brand new, “no waiting” Ezoic signup process. View full webinar or webinar slides.

Ezoic has been a great technology partner and is an industry leader for a reason.
Morten Storgaard

Income School, Project 24 Member

Common Questions

Asked by Project 24 members

How do I get started monetizing with Ezoic?

We’ve tried to make it as easy as possible to begin monetizing your site with the most sophisticated ad operations, premium ad networks, and modern testing platform available. Income School sites must be members of Project 24 to take advantage of this Ezoic program.

To ensure every site’s success, we ask all Project 24 sites to use the application form above to begin using Ezoic. We recommend sites have at least 1,000 visits per month prior to completing this step. Furthermore, since there are no pageview requirements, we ask sites to review basic policy guidelines to ensure their site is eligible.

Next, sites will need to complete these steps to access Ezoic Monetization features…

  1. Learn about integration with Ezoic
  2. Integrate your site via name servers (rec. method for Project 24 members)
  3. Take the Ezoic course available only on Ezoic
  4. Successfully complete the Ezoic certification test
  5. Complete setup steps from Ezoic’s course
  6. Turn on Ezoic and begin monetization
  7. (OPTIONAL) Request Ezoic staff to review your site configuration


How do I verify my Ezoic account as a Project 24 memeber for free Site Speed Accelerator?

Use the sign-up form above! Indicate that in your current account you’d like to get free Site Speed Accelerator, give us your current account details, and that’s it!

Will my site need to be "approved" or reviewed?

All sites must meet ad policy guidelines, and Ezoic will have team members review sites for compliance, but there is no approval process required for Project 24 sites.

Once you integrate, our quality team will ensure your site meets these guidelines (which can take up to 7 days) as you complete the Ezoic course and certification process. After this is completed, your site should be ready to begin using Ezoic Monetization.

As a part of the setup process, sites will have a short period of time they will have to wait for integration (less than 24 hrs for name servers to propagate) and Google Ad Exchange to add their site to Ezoic (within 48 hrs typically).

After setting up my site, where should I go with questions?

While Ezoic’s Knowledge Base has been proven to answer most questions instantly, Project 24 members can create tickets at support.ezoic.com for technical help.

Do I need an AdSense account to use Ezoic?


Ezoic does not require that sites have an AdSense account to use Ezoic. If you have an existing AdSense account, you can link it to Ezoic to ensure the best results. You can even split-test Ezoic and AdSense once it is linked to Ezoic.

Are Ezoic's site speed accelerator+ features free for project 24 Members?


The Site Speed Accelerator is free for all sites, but Ezoic’s Speed+ features will be available to all Project 24 Members after they complete the Ezoic Certification and integrate their site with Ezoic.

You’ll learn how to activate site speed tools during the certification process.

What if I don't want ads in certain locations on my site?

That’s what makes Ezoic perfect for all sites, you have total control over ad locations and Ezoic will even test and improve ad density and location on a per visitor basis to ensure UX isn’t disrupted while still maximizing revenue.

In the Ezoic certification course, you’ll learn how to easily drag and drop ad placeholders in different page locations to customize how you’d like to optimize your site.

It’s important to remember that a placeholder is a potential ad location, and ads won’t always appear in that place. Ezoic was built so that all sites could simultaneously test and optimize ads on their site for each visitor. Generally, this means trying not to artificially limit ad locations based on personal preference, but Ezoic makes it easy to choose what works for your site.

Will I get a special "rep" or Ezoic Team member to help me?

Sites should be cautious about reliance on 3rd parties for help with ad monetization. This is why Ezoic designed this program so that Income School sites could become Certified Ezoic users and setup sites themselves.

Support and assistance can be accessed by creating tickets at support.ezoic.com. Specific team members may make themselves available for additional questions should they determine that would be best for your needs.