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Visitor Behavior Is A Huge Opportunity

Understanding the behavior of sports vertical website visitors, and knowing when to make key changes, is paramount to being able to provide everyone — from loyal direct visitors to transient social clickers — with better experiences.

Sport vertical websites that tailor layouts and ad combinations to each session can easily extend the length of visits, improve key UX metrics, and dynamically increase ad revenue.

The secret is knowing what can be changed in order to provide each visitor with a preferred experience. In many cases, we find that sport vertical sites are showing some segments of visitors too many ads; causing them to have shortened sessions and lower overall ad earnings.

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The Sports Vertical Audience

The broad audiences that sports vertical sites attract make it difficult to successfully treat all visitors the same without delivering some segments of visitors sub-optimal experiences.

Returning loyal visitors commonly spend long periods of time on the site. This means lots of pageviews and above-average session durations. These metrics have strong connections to ad revenue. Controlling things like ad density during these sessions allows the publisher to deliver better experiences while earning more ad revenue.

Transient social and search visitors may often have shorter sessions. This means they are often consuming information and leaving. Knowing how to balance ad combinations and navigational elements to maximize revenue and user experience in these sessions is critical.

Delivering each visitor segment the right combinations of ads and layouts can boost visitor engagement and total session revenue.

Getting Math On Your Side

Sports vertical sites typically see a lot of different kinds of traffic fluctuations. This means that traffic typically has some form of seasonality combined with regular changes in the percentage of different user segments visiting the site at any given time.

These fluctuations can make it difficult to understand when website changes positively or negatively affect visitor experiences, revenue, and overall traffic. Understanding how different visitor segments behave, and the amount of revenue you earn from each session, can help you see above the clouds as traffic fluctuates.

Using earnings per thousand visitors (EPMV) as an optimization metric can help sports vertical websites determine when changes actually positively or negatively affect revenue. Unfortunately, there are too many variables to consider at once to manually make adjustments when optimizing this metric.

This is where Ezoic can help…


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Ezoic Automatically Tailors To Segments

Ezoic helps websites in the sports vertical by automatically adjusting things like layouts, content, and ad combinations. Ezoic uses machine learning to understand more about the different types of visitors that come to your site and then tailors elements that you select to increase session length, user experiences, and revenue.

Sports vertical websites that use Ezoic see improvements in things like bounce rates, session duration, pageviews per visit, and total session revenue. Ezoic allows publishers to choose what elements of the site they’re willing to adjust for visitors and then Ezoic learns how to adjust those variables for every session to optimize user experiences and ad revenue.

Results For Sports Vertical Sites

Ezoic learns about different visitor segments and gives publishers control over the variables. Ezoic works with all existing CMS, hosts, and infrastructure. And for ad testing, publishers can use all of their existing ad partners (AdSense, etc.), leverage the thousands of partners already inside Ezoic, or a combination of both for testing.

On average, sports vertical sites using Ezoic see a…

  • 20% increase in session duration
  • 89% increase in total session revenue (EPMV)
  • 16% decrease in bounce rate
  • 21% increase in pageviews per visit


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You’re In Control, Ezoic Does The Work

Once integrated, publishers have complete control over testing and experiments. Users can split test by device and control the percentage of traffic that uses Ezoic.

Website owners can monitor improvements over time in the dashboard and access advanced reporting to review unprecedented data about their websites.

Ezoic is built to help all digital property owners, managers, and stakeholders scale smarter decision-making.

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Security, Speed, and More

The Ezoic platform features an app store filled with helpful tools designed specifically for website owners and digital publishers. These apps allow publishers to quickly add features and functions to their website that previously would have taken significant amounts of time or required deep development.

Publishers can add advanced caching and page speed features to their websites and easily add an SSL and other security features using tools in the app store. 

Publishers can access the app store and all Ezoic platform features by signing up here.

Get Started Using Ezoic Now

Signing up for the Ezoic platform is simple. Ezoic’s accelerated integration ensures all websites can leverage Ezoic to its fullest abilities. Setting up Ezoic takes very little time and doesn’t require any advanced technical knowledge.