Spark Grant Application

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Spark grants are reserved to Ezoic publishers participating in Ezoic Level-Up Learning or those completing Access Now. Both programs will present opportunities to submit Spark Grant applications that align with concepts presented in the curriculum. Grants will be awarded based on a publisher’s merits inside the program and in their ability to grow their site using Ezoic.

Level-Up Learning participants can apply for Spark Grants at the end of each week during the course. The application portal will open on Thursdays at 8 a.m. Pacific Time and remain open for 48 hours. Applicants are expected to answer questions related to the course content.

Will I receive a grant (cash) if I complete the application?

Completing the application does NOT mean you will be awarded a grant. Participating in Level-Up Learning or Access Now grants eligibility to apply for Spark Grants, but does not guarantee you will be awarded a grant. You must complete the application to be considered.

What are the terms and conditions of receiving a grant award or completing the application?

In addition to our basic customer terms of service, the terms for spark grants are relatively simple. Spark grant applications signify consent to Ezoic to use the content provided in the grant application for purposes including — but not limited to — evaluating eligibility for grants, marketing, and future outreach regarding Ezoic products and services. Spark grants have a maximum amount that can be awarded that is dependent on a customer’s Ezoic level at the time the application is filled out. Grant award amounts are subject to Ezoic discretion, and in most cases, single grant awards WILL NOT be for the entire maximum amount disclosed as the maximum per customer level. The application is not the singular form of criteria used to evaluate eligibility for an award but it is a major factor in evaluating how selections are made by Ezoic staff.

Grants and associated cash awards require no expressed commitment to how or where the money awarded will be used by the publisher. Once awarded, the cash is to be used by the customer to use how they deem to be most effective for their business and Ezoic plans no further follow-up to explore how or why the money was used. We trust in good faith that the criteria we use to select recipients is acceptable for determining how the money would be used and require no additional record-keeping or disclosures from the customer.

Completing a grant application, and/or being awarded a grant, does not disqualify a customer from future grant eligibility or awards. If a publisher is eligible for other grant types — or has not been awarded a maximum amount at their level — they are eligible to participate in future applications and awards… and are encouraged to do so.

Content Grants

At the end of each month, one Level-Up Learning applicant will be selected to win a Content Grant offered in part by Niche Website Builders. If you would like to be considered for this grant, mark so on your application below. Learn more about what is included in the Content Grant here.

Learn more about what’s included in the Niche Website Builders content service here.

Spark Grant applications are currently closed

This application portal will open on Thursday at 8 a.m. Pacific Time and remain open for 48 hours.