Guaranteed 80+ Google PageSpeed Insight Score

Site Speed Accelerator

Ezoic’s Site Speed Accelerator instantly increases website speed, page load times, and PageSpeed Insights scores. With one-click, any site can see faster mobile visitor experiences and Google PageSpeed Insight scores. No broken pages, no coding, and no troubleshooting.

Guaranteed 80+ Google PageSpeed Insight Score

Site Speed Accelerator

Ezoic’s Site Speed Accelerator instantly increases website speed, page load times, and PageSpeed insight scores. With one-click, any site can see faster mobile visitor experiences and Google PageSpeed insight scores. No broken pages, no coding, and no troubleshooting.

increase website speed

Solve Google PageSpeed issues

Ezoic pre-connect origins, eliminate render-blocking CSS and Javascript, defer offscreen images, reduce server response time, remove unused CSS, and reduce the impact of 3rd-party code (including ads). Watch a walk-through of how easy it is to get a high page speed score with Site Speed Accelerator.

Instantly Optimize images

No more issues with image sizing, compression, or serving images in next-gen formats. Ezoic allows you to lazy-load images, optimize resizing, and serve them in next-gen formats simply by toggling on the Site Speed Accelerator. Read our FAQ on how Ezoic makes these optimizations and others easy for all sites.

Control Powerful features

Ezoic’s Site Speed App is designed to give users as much control as they would like, while providing automated settings that make speeding up a website as easy as possible. Choose from preset choices, or select features and set rules. See results from sites that used Ezoic.

Covering all the bases

Improve speed, SEO, UX & Ad Revenue

A faster site and higher page speed scores can deliver benefits for SEO, revenue, and user experience. The Site Speed Accelerator removes the negative impact of slow page load times on visitor experiences by determining the culprits of page slowdown and optimizing how those elements are loaded and delivered automatically. This can improve website SEO and revenue on any kind of site on the web. Most sites are shocked at the improvements; especially when they assumed it wouldn’t work for them. View more sites that increased speed.

The Site Speed Accelerator Is Unique

Works with every Kind of Website

Site Speed Accelerator Data Sheet

Proven Site Speed improvements

After activating Site Speed Accelerator, the average PageSpeed Insights Scores of websites using the tool increase an average of 200%. Especially slow sites have seen bounce rates cut in half by the real site speed delivered to visitors.

Sites saw an average PageSpeed Insights score of 30 without Ezoic, regardless of what content management system they were using, and saw scores in excess of 90 once the tool was activated. Check out one study here.

Avg. Score w/o Ezoic


Bounce Rate Decrease

Avg. Score with Ezoic


Avg. Increase in speed

Turning on and setting up is easy

Faster site in a few clicks

Ezoic instantly implements best practices like image optimization, lazy-loading, CSS rendering, script parsing, and much more—all with a few clicks. Ezoic will also learn how to optimize your site speed even more over time. Site owners can set preferences and create setting variations to find the best configuration for their site.

Site Speed Accelerator Frequently Asked Questions 

How do I Access and use the site speed accelerator?

 Setting up the Site Speed Accelerator takes less than 5 minutes after integration.

  1. Create an Ezoic account
  2. Integrate with Ezoic 
  3. Create a new version to preview and test
  4. Choose the “Recommended” settings
  5. Preview the versions.
  6. Test the preview URL to see your score
  7. Activate version on your live website

If you want a detailed, step-by-step guide on how to implement Site Speed Accelerator, check out this blog post.

Is It just tricking page speed tools? does it make it the site faster for visitors?

The Site Speed Accelerator is not tricking any tools. The tool is truly unique and provides unprecedented results because of meticulous attention to solving common speed issues for all sites while providing cutting-edge technology designed to optimize scripts and 3rd party calls. It makes common speed recommendations actually work on all sites. Most solutions to speed require multiple tools or plugins that need to be configured specifically to every site. This is especially true on sites with tons of exterior calls that can be pre-connected at their origin (tracking tags, ads, analytics).

The Site Speed Accelerator provides proprietary script loading features that sync and load scripts according to a number of criterion we developed that function differently on every unique site. This means making the loading of these scripts faster , more efficient, and removes any disruption they may have on UX. While this does help produce faster PageSpeed Insights scores, it is not a trick. We are a Google Certified Partner and worked with Google to develop a tool that they agreed was impactful to the website visitor.

The Site Speed Accelerator makes experiences and page loading faster for visitors. Ezoic prioritizes content load time and interactivity. This means that visitors are able to access website content, navigation, and website functionality nearly instantly when the Accelerator is turned on. There are not other tools or plugins on the market that can deliver fast user experiences and fast page speed scores – taking sites with scores of 12 to 90 – just by turning it on and setting it to “recommended”. This is especially true for publishers, who often require lots of additional 3rd party tech on the page to maximize tracking and ad revenue.

Ezoic also provides a super-fast CDN, smart caching features, and other speed features that are usually individual expenses that sites invest in for speed. All of this is included in our singular application suite for site speed; which is individually less expensive that a combination of other tools and services that are harder to configure and less effective overall.

What types of sites will The Site Speed Accelerator work with?

The Site Speed Accelerator works with all sites that are able to change their DNS/nameservers, use WordPress, or leverage Cloudflare. This Ezoic product is not exclusive to publishers (or sites showing ads) and there ARE NO REQUIREMENTS to use the Site Speed Accelerator.

CMS systems that CAN easily use The Site Speed Accelerator include:

  • WordPress
  • Drupal
  • Shopify
  • Squarespace
  • Joomla
  • Magento
  • Prestashop
  • Sharepoint
  • Discourse
  • Bitrix
  • RebelMouse
  • Custom pHp
  • TYPO3
  • and more…


    Will the Site Speed Accelerator cause my site to look different or lose functionality?

    No. Your site will look and function as normal with the Site Speed Accelerator. It will just be much faster for your visitors.

    You will have the ability to preview your site’s Site Speed Accelerator version before activating to ensure all site functionality works properly.

    Sign-up and get started.

    No risk, No card on file.

    Ezoic’s Site Speed Accelerator does not change the way a site looks or works, but it dramatically improves site speed. If after 7 days a site’s Google PageSpeed Insights or Lighthouse speed score is below “80”, The Site Speed Accelerator is completely free.