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Guaranteed 80+ Google Pagespeed Score On Mobile

Ezoic’s Site Speed Accelerator instantly increases website speed, page load times, and pagespeed scores. With one-click, a site’s mobile Google PageSpeed score will be 80+, guaranteed. No broken pages, no coding, and no troubleshooting.

increase website speed

Make Websites faster.

Ezoic instantly implements best practices for you like image optimization, lazy-loading, CSS rendering, script parsing, and much more. Ezoic will also learn how to optimize your site speed even more over time. Site owners can set preferences and create setting variations to find the best configuration for their site.

control powerful features.

Ezoic’s Site Speed App is designed to give users as much control as they would like, while providing automated settings that make speeding up a website as easy as possible. Choose from preset choices, or select features and set rules.

Instantly Optimize images.

No more issues with image sizing, compression, or serving images in next-gen formats. Ezoic allows you to lazy-load images, optimize resizing, and serve them in next-gen formats simply by toggling on the Site Speed Accelerator.

Solve google pagespeed Issues.

Ezoic does it all automatically. Pre-connect origins, eliminate render-blocking CSS and Javascript, defer offscreen images, reduce server response time, remove unused CSS, and reduce the impact of 3rd-party code (including ads). This instantly makes websites load faster.

improve lighthouse scores in google chrome

Increase Site speed On Mobile.

The Site Speed Accelerator solves some of the most difficult website speed challenges for publishers. It optimizes mobile page speed by implementing best practices automatically and eliminates the painfully slow impact that ads have on site speed scores (without reducing ad revenue).

improve google site speed

Improve Speed, SEO, UX, and ad Revenue.

A slow loading website might be giving visitors a less than optimal experience. The Site Speed Accelerator removes the negative impact of slow page load times on visitor experiences by determining the culprits of page slowdown and optimizing how those elements are loaded and delivered automatically. This can improve website ad revenue and SEO.

easy website speed improvements

Guaranteed Google Speed score of 80+.

Using Ezoic’s Site Speed Accelerator does not change the way a site looks or works, but it dramatically improves site speed. If after 7 days a site’s Google PageSpeed Insights or Lighthouse speed score is below “80” Site Speed Accelerator is completely free.

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