Site Speed Tools

Make Your Website Faster

Ezoic’s suite of site speed tools enables publishers to easily improve their website load times, pagespeed scores, and more.

Easily implement site speed recommendations and best practices automatically. No more broken pages, complex coding, or unclear directions. Ezoic’s tools can help you improve user experiences, SEO, and more.

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Get Actionable Insights & See Ezoic’s Improvements

Use our free website speed testing tool that allows all publishers a mechanism for finding actionable information about what is slowing down their website.

No more guessing. Leverage Ezoic’s site speed test that is built just for publishers. See if ads, mobile themes, your host, or unnecessary Javascript is the reason for page slowdown.


Instantly Improve Pagespeed Using The Site Speed App

One-click implementation for best practices like lazy-loading images, asynchronously loading or deferring CSS, and eliminating render-blocking Javascript and CSS above the fold.

Improve pagespeed scores instantly. Ezoic’s Site Speed app allows publishers to simply turn on various best practices and recommendations by name. This eliminates complicated plugins, coding, and unclear suggestions from documents written by developers.


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Automated Site Speed Improvement

Ezoic is currently upgrading these site speed tools so that all pagespeed best practices can be implemented with the flip of a switch.

Join the Ezoic platform now and be the first to access our automated site speed technology inside of the Ezoic Site Speed app.

Score highly on pagespeed insights tests simply by turning on the Ezoic app and configuring it using plain language.