Site Speed Guarantee

Subject to the terms and applicable limitations set forth in the Terms and the Site Speed Guarantee details, this promotional offer is conditionally guaranteed by Ezoic in the form of providing the Site Speed Accelerator technology (only) to the parties Ezoic has found to be outside of the parameters set forth in the Site Speed Guarantee. Fulfillment of the expressed guarantee and determination of those that qualify is subject to Ezoic discretion.

Guaranteeing of “80” score or better in Google Pagespeed Insights or Lighthouse:*

  • After 7 days, achieve a score of “80” or higher in Google Pagespeed Insights in more than 50% of tests conducted on top 5 most visited urls.

Conditions and details:

  • Site must have the Recommended setting in place on Ezoic Site Speed Accelerator
  • Site must be integrated via Cloudflare or Name Servers integration for the guarantee to be in place
  • Site must not exclude resources from running through the site speed accelerator either through the use of exclude / include lists or through parameters such as data-cfasync.
  • If there is particular functionality or content that is restricting the Site Speed
    Accelerator, Ezoic may make a recommendation to resolve the issue. If you do not resolve the issue adequately, this offer is deemed invalid.
  • Guarantee applies to only digital publishers (i.e. B2B, eComm sites are excluded for now)
  • Ezoic Caching must be activated and cleared after activation of Site Speed Accelerator
  • Failure of guarantee must be sent to with name of site.
  • Must keep site integrated so Ezoic can test a preview of the tool in place on the site.
  • Tests are conducted by Ezoic and the determination of results and compliance with rules are made in the sole discretion of Ezoic.
  • If the results are less than 80, Ezoic, in its sole discretion, will either let you keep using the Site Speed Accelerator for free or disable the functionality.


*When Google updates or changes measurements, our team may require time to adapt the tool to meet these changing standards in a reasonable amount of time.