Revenue Managers / Experts

Google Adsense / Ad Exchange

Ezoic is both a Google Certified Publisher Partner and a Google Adsense Partner.  As such, Ezoic can link up to your own Adsense account and can either provide you with Google Ad Exchange CPM ads or use your own Ad Exchange account via our DFP Integration.

Google Adsense is one of many ad networks that are supported via a feature we call Mediation.  Mediation enables you to link up any existing ad partner to the Ezoic Platform and have them compete for all your inventory in a smart way.  You can learn more about Mediation on our Mediation page.

DFP Integration

The Ezoic Platform is a “smart layer” that works with your existing DFP account.  You will be able to continue trafficking all of directly sold campaigns and ad partners the same way you always have with no changes to your workflow.  You can even target specific placements that are optimized via the Ezoic Platform.  Integration is as simple as providing API access to your DFP account.

You can learn more about it on our DFP Integration page.

Header Bidding

The Ezoic Platform automatically implements a smart header-bidding solution called ProBid that takes header bidding implementation to the next level by using machine learning to optimize partners and avoid many of the common mistakes made with traditional header bidding implementations – such as a singular timeout for all ad units on the page – failing to apply discrepancy rates to bids, etc.

Best of all, ProBid, has an easy-to-use web interface where you can setup your own header bidding partners and view complete performance.

Learn more about it on our Header Bidding page.


Ezoic offers the most comprehensive and flexible reporting in the industry.  Our Advanced Reporting suite enables you to view all your website’s key performance metrics, along with ad revenue, tracked at a tremendously granular level.  You can view revenue by landing page, traffic source, utm_codes, geographies and much more.  All of this data is also available via our reporting api.  It’s one of our most popular features and you should definitely check out more on our Advanced Reporting page.

In addition to our advanced reporting suite, if you use our DFP integration option, you’ll be able to see revenue in DFP as you always have.

Can I still keep my own direct ad deals?

Yes!  And you’re encouraged to do so!

For clarity, we define a “direct ad deal” as a special arrangement you have with a single advertiser.  Ad networks are handled via Mediation.

Ezoic has two different solutions for you:

1. Direct Ad Deals

Your are able to enter in the details of any direct ad deal that you may have into the Ezoic system.  This includes fixed CPM deals, guaranteed delivery and much more.  Read more about it on our Direct Ads page.

2. DFP Integration

Ezoic can integrate seamlessly with your existing DFP ad server.  Using this option, Ezoic will serve all ads through your own DFP account which means your can continue to traffic any direct ad deals the same way you always have.  Read more about it on our DFP Integration page.